« Infinite » Chaos Donjon (make them more efficient)

I take the opportunity of this post to say my feelings on this subject.

Indeed, in Hack’n Slash, we have a way to play indefinitely while having more or less an interesting return on the items we collect.
I think that Chaos Dungeons should have this kind of content/direction. To be able to make these runs in solo or in team via discord with friends to pass the time and have fun.

But right now, the T3 chaos dungeons are so inefficient that it’s ridiculous to do them. It would be really nice to find a way to make them a more efficient for players.

Nah, stop it, get some tool, you will see is it still inefficient or not. Cheaters abuse it a lot.

Imo that’s the opposite, infinite chaos dungeon is what made bots ruin the economy of materials since they could push to T2/T3 very easily and is just not worth for the game if you look at the amount of people that are willing to do that more than 30minute a day.


people will say you don’t play the game like you must, you must gather mokoko or other thing while waiting for the timegate.

Inefficient??? Infinite chaos dungeon can earn you like 3k gold per hour at the very least (on the first hour of the week, then diminishing returns kick in). Hell no it’s not inefficient!

not anymore

Oh yeah, definitely not anymore, but it’s still decent. You get around 100 destro stones, 300 guardians per hour, plus mats that you can sell for around 1k gold, plus 10-20 solar stones depending on your luck. It’s not bad, just not as good when the economy was fucked. I think that’s for the better to be honest.

not good enough to make me farm it

Well the game tries to avoid making people farm as much as possible. It has a weird philosophy where it asks you to gather a huge amount of resources, but then you get like 80 % of the way there through your dailies more so than any possible grind.

of coruse, it’s late now, bots have drain it all and the prices of mats are now dropped.

I admit that we all have different degrees when it comes to efficiency. But for me, personally, after the farm hour, it becomes extremely grindy.

Indeed the bots are a problem, maybe make the price of materials increase maximum 3 times instead of going up with each purchase.

Bots will buy everything anyway and for players who invest time, will have something more efficient.