Ìn game gold store broken?

I have 481 bluish crystals, 0 royal crystals.
How can I use that to get gold in the in-game store?

Pressing the “Buy” get me to the option of how many Royal Crystals I wanna buy ( so i can convert them to gold afaik ). But clicking on the “buy now” button nothing happends.
Nothing, nada, nichts.

Is somehting broken here?

The blue crystals can not be converted into gold, it only works vice versa aka gold to blue crystals. If you wanna buy gold you need to convert royal crystals into gold.

Ok, thanks for the answer.
But cant buy royal crystal so I can buy gold, that the problem.

You might need money in your steam wallet and steam overlay enabled.

Oh well i dunno about that, maybe try google if other peeps had that problem too

Not exactly

T3 gem chests + lifeskill energy potions can convert them to gold