“End game” PvP any reason to progress?

Is there any reason to reach max level & seek character progression for someone who is only interested in PvP?

Basically I’m asking if there’s any gear-related PvP that actually “matters.” I’ve heard of guild vs guild but does GvG actually reward anything or matter in any way? Are there any others forms of PvP where character progression matters ?

No reason at all to lvl to 50 unless you want to participate in GvG, but then you will have to grind PvE.

There are 3 players in the Korean top 5 grandmasters that have accounts full of level 26s. They dont level at all. Can get into ranked at that level.

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What exactly does GvG reward? Is it comparable to other endgame activities such as raiding?

PvP players mostly ranked only. And 1v1s to have some fun.
GvG is not balanced at all

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PVP is not an endgame feature in this game, if you want that, go play DAoC on a freeshard, WoW or some mmo with a proper pvp system.

1v1 queue requires low skill and alot of grind.

gvg just requires a huge guild. It’s a big joke.

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I agree that gvg is a huge joke, but just telling him to play a different game isnt a helping answer. Lol

The pvp in this game is better than most mmos


i agree with you the pvp system here its just amazing , and its more amazing that we have equal stats what i mean that doesnt matter your GS here… only your pvp skill ! may the best win ! xD and about GvG i dont think its a joke , bigger the guild its stronger will be so go do dungeons and recruit players to be stronger :smiley:

I mean technically youll run out of silver for awakening stones eventually but other then that no unless you wanna gvg which honestly is just a a gear check or can be.

You can exchange Simael Crystals for a lot of Honing Mats

Can’t wait to see your face when they add Rowen

Can’t wait for that to be non-equalized, so we can finally get some real p2w on this game :wink: