“Quick & Dirty” Completion Checklist (Collections)

Hi all,

I’ve seen a lot of great guides for those of us that want to collect things but I haven’t found one which can be used to easily mark what I completed in one place and without too much hassle. Hence, I made my own.

Thank you to all the people who wrote guides on Maxroll and other resources, as this checklist assumes you will still use them to find the information. Maxroll has great guides for islands/tomes. There are also maps available on Mapgenie, however, even with a registered account, you can only mark off a certain amount as “done” without paying.

Some parts are included to make things easier (cooking, rapport, songs, emotes). Island rapport and list are also included (and organized by type of activity to get the soul). I just like having all my collections and tomes in one big checklist so I can quickly mark them off by zone/territory as to what I have done and quickly see what they’re from before deciding what to do next.

If anything finds it useful, it is below. Please copy it to your own Drive and enjoy.
FYI: this is solely for collections. It is also intended to have as a side list, so only quick information is included. For detailed quests, guides, etc., you will still need to check Maxroll or other resources.

Quickview LA Completion Checklist

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