███▶ Pekora Brigade [OCE/SEA] | Bergstrom - discord.gg/pekorabrigade

EST. 2022

Server: Bergstrom

Pekora Brigade is an OCE Based Guild looking for active new players with a passion for PvX content.


➤ Be Item Level 900+ (excl. Shushire members) Exceptions can be made for Item Level, down to 302

➤ Be online at least 3 times per week. If you can’t make it, just let me know!

➤ Be mature and CONTRIBUTE to the guild by donating 6k silver per day (msg me for explanation why it’s important)

What we provide

➤ Daily to Weekly Group Grinds (Abyssal & Chaos & Guardian)
➤ Game Advice (iLevel, Roster, Dungeons, etc)
➤ Group Content

We have a “real life first” policy and there is no age, item level or microphone requirement. As long as you can get along with the rest of the guild.

Join via Pekora Brigade through the #readme channel.


Bump on the above! Still looking for fresh members, exceptions can be made down to item level 302//460.