⚔️ [EU Central] ANTARES - Level 15 - ZAPS Army // Hardcore chill Guild

Guild Name: ZAPS Army Level 12
Region: EU Central | Antares
Language: English
Focus: T3, Legion Raids, Hell Mode, GvG, GvE

ZAPS Information

Our goal is to compete at the highest level by being efficient and highly organized while enjoying the company of other like minded players. We aim to complete every single content this game has to offer and maintain top 3 rank in GVG and GVE. We currently have Valtan Hard Mode.

ZAPS History

Our guild was created during early access and our members mostly consists of highly competitive backgrounds spanning multiple different games such as WoW, FFXIV, CoD, LoL etc.
We are looking for motivated players with a competitive mindset who will stay with us long term and become a part of our community as we tackle through content together.

What does ZAPS Army offer you?

-Competent and Friendly Leadership team.
-Organized group schedule for raids and other group content on a weekly basis.
-Experienced and knowledgeable members who are willing to share important information/spreadsheets.
-Multiple Alt Guilds with accounts in all tiers.
-Friendly and active community in Discord. Participation from our members are high in discord both in voice chat and in text.
-Zero Tolerance policy - Toxic players will be removed no questions asked.
-Highly competitive members who enjoy min/max while having fun.
-Competitive GVG with experienced PVP officers leading the charge.
-Scheduled GVE content on a weekly basis.

ZAPS Army Wants

-Minimum ilvl 1445+
-Must be available Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday at either 15.00 - 19.00 pm CET (in-game time).
-Long term members willing to participate and be active on discord.
-Study boss mechanics for new content ahead of time, have strong knowledge in the class you play as.
-Guild participation - GVE, weeklies, donations & supports required.
-Strong mindset to succeed and not give up easily.

If you’re interested in joining please click on the discord link below.

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