〆 EUC・THIRIAN ー Jinx 〜 PvX / Hardcore / recruiting 1340+ (^-^*)/


Jinx is a hardcore PvX guild with a long and successful history dating all the way back to 2003. Our main focus is progression, be it clearing new content upon release, honing our skills, gearing up or tackling guild related content.

What sets us apart from others is the emphasis put on respecting the player’s time and effort. It is a guild where you can go at your own pace and not feel rushed or pressured.

Our guild a place where everyone can feel at home and is part of, instead of just being a number. We value quality over quantity.


JinxIcon You are part of a guild. We succeed as a group, not individuals.
JinxIcon Treat others with respect, just like as you would like to be treated in real life.
JinxIcon Be mature. Immature and infantile behavior is not tolerated.
JinxIcon Not everyone might get along. That’s life, agree to disagree.
JinxIcon Drama will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun keep it that way.
JinxIcon Do not engage in any activity that will bring the guild’s name into disrepute.
JinxIcon Abusive, discriminatory or prejudicial behavior will be met with immediate expulsion.
JinxIcon Jinx upholds a one week inactivity period (without notice). Kindly keep us informed.
JinxIcon Follow Guild Rules and Code of Conduct. This creates the infinite recursive loop of order.


Additionally, all members are expected to adhere to the following rules as an extension of the Code of Conduct.

JinxIcon Every raider is expected to do their best. We are a dedicated guild, but not an elitist one.
JinxIcon We all love to down bosses, but not at the cost of fun. Don’t ruin that for others.
JinxIcon Be punctual. Be online before raid starts or inform someone. Do not keep people waiting.
JinxIcon Positive criticism is a good thing. Be open to advice and suggestions to improve play.
JinxIcon Guild vs. Guild. Members are advised to attend at least half of those activities per week.
JinxIcon Guild contribution. It is advisable to do them immediately after you’ve logged into the game.
JinxIcon Discord is mandatory. Even if you’re shy and don’t want to talk, be sure to listen attentively.


The guild is Level 3 and our average i-Level is 1340.07 (we are a brand new guild).
Gear Score Required: 1340+.

APPLICATION: Jinx jinxdiscord4