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Wanted to track your island tokens? Or maybe you wanted to track the NPCs you have at Trusted? We made mokoko.info as a place dedicated to random Lost Ark tools that you’ll find helpful in your completionist journey.

:heartpulse: NPC Rapport Tracking

Check off the ones you’ve achieved maximum friendship with or choose to sort the list based off the least amount of rapport needed for their maximum rank.

:desert_island: Island Token Farming


  • Sort by method type (ie. Check out all the Una’s Daily Task related tokens)
  • Quickly see notes of how to obtain certain tokens, including relevant quests/items
  • Sort or view the minimum days it will take to achieve certain time-gated island tokens
  • Keep tabs on all the island tokens that are daily only so you know which ones you may want to prioritize

:ferry: Astray Crafting Guide

Want to keep track of what materials and objectives you need to unlock the Astray? View them all here and check them off as you go.

and more coming soon!



Thanks for the site. Can you make all trackers appear on front page? I have been using your site but never know there are other trackers beside rapport and island souls.

Sure thing! I’ve updated the front page for you.

I’ve added a new page that features the entire Main/World Questline based on location.

If you’re like me and would like to see how far you are when questing on your alts, this might hopefully be something handy for you. :slight_smile:

I’ve always enjoyed a little kink but you have to be a hardcore masochist to be down for completing those seeds :neutral_face:

More power to you for streamlining the process but still… :face_vomiting:

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Surprisingly, I’d rather do all 1200 mokoko seeds than fail all these hones :sweat_smile:

Also I’ve been working on the Sea Bounties guide so keep an eye out soon :eyes::eyes:

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Okay side note, I’ve added a total window on the Rapport page so you can gauge which region you’d want to focus on when farming for Ignea Tokens.

This is fantastic!! Can I include this in a video I’m working on for lost ark resources?!

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By all means, go ahead :slight_smile:

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I know this tool exists elsewhere, but some sources were missing certain areas/nodes.

So if anyone is farming excavating and wants to look at all the potential maps, I’ve made a collection of maps for reference. :slight_smile:

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