🏴‍☠️{EU Central ~ Thirain} <Feetsters> Lv 8 ~ Recruiting!


Welcome to [Feetsters] guild recruitment post! [Feetsters] is a casual guild looking to recruit active English-speaking players with feet fetish or not. Our guild master, deputy, and officers are blind to race we accept all feet forms. That being said we’re looking to build a close-knit community that can openly help each other out and enjoys everyone’s company.

What we do

Ultimately, we are a casual guild that is friendly to new players. We are looking for players to join us in our Legion raid and Guild raid endeavors.


• Guild shop
• Future Events (PvE, GvG)
• Discord (If our feetsters will grow stronger we will create one)

Application: Please take some time to fill out a little bit of information about yourself so I’m able to get a better grasp about who you are! Thanks again!

Application Format

• You can find our guild in the Guild suggestion window (Alt + U).

Hope to see you soon!

“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” - Leonardo da Vinci