👎 @SMILEZON, VPN banning is a huge L for the community, not bots

Banning VPNs? There’s empirical evidence that this only hurts players, not bots. Smilegate must have amnesia. That’s so ridiculously thoughtless and unethical.

This also fucks over deployed soldiers. We know this does nothing with bots, they farm with dedicated IP spoofing and HID masking. They’re already back!

Then there’s average users like me, we use VPNs all the time just to avoid tracking, or for a better ping.

That’s just really sad. This does nothing but hurt legitimate players.

@Roxx @Maselbart @Shadow_Fox we need to have a chat if you have a line to the devs.


Yup. AGS can’t even ban bot accounts anymore.

They tried to “slow” down bots with vpn which they found a work around within 24 hrs or less and they just log back into their accounts and business as usual.

And before any of the “but it’s TOS” comes in here.

Bots are against TOS yet they are STILL HERE!

Explain that huehue


I mean they’re taking drastic measures because it’s a drastic problem. There is no easy way to fix this except going the Korea route, which will NEVER happen in NA/EU, even though they have next to no bots. People just won’t accept it. Bots evolve, and will be a problem for the entirety of this game.


It’s a method that doesn’t work, just login to the game and go to the starter continent. Or recall the past of any other live service game.

Aparently not lol steam charts remains unchanged. Seems like it made no noticeable dent to the playerbase. The smart VPN users already bypass the ban along with the bots. Complaining on the forums is dumb and snitching on yourself basically.

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Obviously man. I’m saying they’re trying drastic shit to see if it works. And it apparently didn’t. So they have to move onto the next possible solution.

it is a huge win for the community since it prevents TOS violators from playing.


And abolish this one, because it’s both a failure and a loss for the community.

I’m sure they get that. It’s the weekend, they aren’t going to do anything on the weekend.

Explain why bots…which are against TOS are still here then?

Would LOVE to hear your take.


I’ve watched the overall effect of this over the past few days and have been laughing (because the dip in bots lasted for what…like barely a day if that long even?) while also feeling bad for those legit players who are being affected by this change.

I hate to advocate for looking up how to circumvent the VPN block/ban, but that’s what AGS/SG is pushing players to do, assuming any of those affected didn’t just uninstall


So there is “empirical evidence” but for some reason, you forgot to write it? xD

Refugees from Ukraine run west into the countries that can play Lost Ark without any problems so pretty awful example.
Russian soldiers can’t play (TOS) the Western version of Lost Ark anyway. Same with Ukraine since they belong to the Russian region (in terms of publishing).
So only what you provided are lies. Nice one.

They have staff on socials during the weekend, the other CMs have made it clear that they have a weekend employee.

Because they evolve. They’re like cockroaches.

Well, staff on socials don’t do patches or server maintenance.

So because they evolve… we just let AGS/SG continue to implement terrible systems to “slow” down bots at the expense of ruining players experiences? That’s justified to you?

At what cost? When they come for your una daily token gold? when they come for your adventure island gold? raid gold? When they ask you to pay $50 a month?

How much are you willing to give up your gaming experience just to “slow” down bots which works for 1-2 days MAX and then we the players are STUCK with the negatives while the bots roam free?

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Lost time I checked refugees were allowed in Netherlands, Belgium and most Oceanic nations. They can no longer play the my.com version of the game within THOSE ToS.

I dare you, i double dare you say tos again!

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Amazon is not a publisher for the Russian version?

The average user in the EU doesn’t use a VPN for better ping because we do not need VPN for better ping. We are in Europe. Yeah, we can use VPN to prevent tracking but mostly not the game is the reason.

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