📢🗧Roadshow Invites You!「NA East, Una / Lv.23」✴「18+ / Social / PvX」

diam ~Our Purpose~ diam

We prioritize ourselves in providing a comforting and enjoyable gameplay environment for our members, with the belief that the personality of individual players is more important than their
in-game characters. This is why we’ve built our guild as a social hub, for those who wish to both play and engage with others.

The people are what makes a guild successful, and we’re constantly improving ourselves to reflect that ideology. If chatting and enjoying the game’s content is what’s important to you, that’s what our structure provides.

spade ~Current Goal~ spade

Due to the popularity of endgame raiding within the clan we are also inviting all fellow raiders to be a part of our weekly Vykas, Valtan, or Argos runs!

Interested? Visit the Discord and check our #⌈raid⏰times⌋ to see if they are suitable for you. If you have any questions, message the Roadshow account there for more details.

excf Frequent Activities excf

✓ Guild and Social Events
✓ Weekly Vykas, Valtan, and Argos Runs
✓ Weekly Siege and Raid Match (GvE)


Level 23 - Current slots available (88/90)

Alternative application link (here)



Free from kids?


Correcto. We could have stopped at just ‘‘Adult oriented’’, but we wanted to add a bit more flavor to the text :ok_hand::wink:.

Which zone/server are you guys based???


In our title, we’re from NA East Una! Also unofficially known as the greatest server of all time.

Since it’s an unofficial statement, that also means it’s not an official lie either :point_up::eyes:.

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Thank you for your reply!!!
I wish I would have know before…

Not a problem! :grin:

Hi. I’m trying to figure out where I fit as a new player. Your clan may be to advanced for newbies like me, but thought I’d give it a try.

I just started playing Lost Ark this month, but already have 350 hours on the game. A small number for most of you, but for only playing for about 3 weeks, it’s not bad. :slight_smile:

I have a Shadowhunter as my main, but it is stuck at 1370, and a 1340 Paladin alt brought up via a Punikapass. I also have a Sorceress at 580 created using knowledge transfer, Deathblade sub-50 working through the storyline and a Gunlancer I just created and used a Vern pass on yesterday at 302.

Without others to play with, I find myself unable to join the activities necessary to advance. Naturally, being new, I do not have the necessary skills for endgame content. Apparently, when I enter matchmaking for Abyssal dungeon/raid this is glaringly obvious as upon loading into either of them, everyone promptly votes to quit before we even begin.

Yeah, I suppose I will need ‘carried’ for now, but ultimately I want to be the one able to carry others. However, in order to get to that point, I have to be able to play to learn.

I have watched and will continue to watch videos several times to prepare, but of course, watching is not the same as doing, and I will still make fatal mistakes. Hopefully, less and less the more I run through it.

This is also the reason I have already made so many other characters, I don’t know what else to do with my 1370, but I want to play the game.

Bottom line, I’m looking for a clan who will help me grow, allow me to tag along despite my beginner ineptitude, and enable me to grow to the place I can return the favor down the line.

Hi there!

We’re more than willing to help you in anything you’re seeking to learn, play, and improve on!

We saw your message on Discord, and we’ve replied back to you! :ok_hand::eyes:.


I enjoyed lost ark but the guild i was in wasnt active in talking or been social which led to me leaving game, since reaper is coming out tomorrow i looked it over and the class is exactly the style of play i like and am going to be returning for reaper and was wondering if your guild has room as it sounds exactly what im interested in with a guild


Yes, we currently still have space! Feel free to give our Discord a visit for joining!

If you have more questions, you can also message the Roadshow account there as well.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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How would I do a dual application? It’d be for my husband and I both! Join the discord?


Yup! All you need to do is join our Discord. From there, you can both sign-up for the guild!

It seems you both already joined. So welcome aboard!