šŸ“¢ [NA WEST - Valtan] <Seed> - Level 11 Guild Recruitment - Looking for Hardcore AND Casual players! - Looking to create statics for all legion raids!

Guild Name: Seed

Server: NA-West Valtan
Content: PVE Focused, PVP Interest
Timezone: AEST, AEDT
Language: English
Guild Level: 11

šŸ›ˆ About Us:
Hello! We are an OCE guild based in AUS but we are welcome to all regions! We are quite a small guild at the moment, looking to build our community up. The founding members have been playing since launch but only recently have started to build a community.

We are currently looking for chill players; up to date or mokoko, hardcore or casual, to join us in building a friendly and positive environment. We focus on PVE content and would like to build statics for all Legion Raids. We also would love to help out new players and be a general resource for information; eventually we plan to host weekly learning raids! If you would like to join a budding new community and raid with chill and friendly players, please consider our guild!

Our founders are at 1500+ ilvl but we are looking for players of all ilvls.

:hammer_and_pick: Requirements:

All requirements are very loose, but we would appreciate completion of tasks!

  • 18+
  • 100 Minimum Weekly Guild Contribution
  • Research Support
  • Daily Silver Donation
  • No Drama/Toxicity

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Guild Benefits:

  • Weekly Raid Groups for all content/difficulties
  • Our Guild contribution is currently set to 70% Guildmate 30% Guild
  • MAX Guild Shop!

Please keep in mind, everything right now is a work in progress!

If this sounds like a guild you would like to join, please join the discord, dm me or reply to this thread! You can also apply to the guild in-game!