(Na West, Mari) Brunch is recruiting! 21+, Guild Activities, Raids: Valtan and Vykas

:pancakes: Brunch is recruiting!
Semi-hardcore social guild, primarily recruiting members with interest in raiding and guild activities. We have parties for both Valtan Normal and Hard, as well as members prepared for Vykas Normal & Hard week 1.

Guild Information

Name: Brunch
Server: Mari
Language: Eng
Guild Level: lv. 12
Guild Shop: lv. 5
Guildmates: 41/53

About Us
Brunch is a semi-hardcore social guild looking to expand our core members and make friends along the way. We are focused on social-progression in the endgame and beyond! Our primary objective is to continue to cultivate an endgame-focused social guild, that is suitable as a platform for midcore to semi-hardcore players.

Our members range from ilvl 1415-1445+. We expect our members to progress at a level comfortable for them with the ambition of progressing through endgame content. We have members in a range of timezones and the majority of our members are active evenings and weekends server time, while normal raiding hours are typically 8pm PST onwards.

I would like to emphasize that Brunch is a social guild first and foremost, meaning social interaction with other guildmates is encouraged in order to click with our members! We use Discord primarily for all things social and guild related.

Guild Acts and Raids
Guild activities are usually on Sunday 8pm ST(server time), and raids are usually formed throughout the week starting anywhere between 7pm to 10pm ST.

:croissant: Requirements

Active*(Both in-game and on Discord)*
Preferred Gear Score 1400+
Endgame focused
Discord required!

Currently only accepting main characters. We hope to hear from you soon!
Please follow this link to apply: https://tinyurl.com/Brunchapply