🦁 [NA West - Mari] ~FURRYLIFE~ || Kakul Saydon ready! Legion Raid statics - Relaxed - Active since beta - Organized Discord - Planned events - Giveaways - Must be active, friendly, good vibes

discord Basil#9044

Are you tired of finding groups and being abandoned in a dead guild? Come join us! We have been playing since US Beta :slight_smile:

About Us
Guild: Furrylife
Region: North American West
Server: Mari
Time Zone: Pacific Time
Guild level: 12
Shop level: 5
Current Ingame Members: 40+
Info: We have been playing since US Beta and plan to play much longer. We accept any players that are active, regardless of ilvl, alt, main, casual, or hardcore. As long as you’re active, participate in events, and have an awesome attitude. We do not accept RMT accounts! Many of our guild players, including myself, have multiple alts in t3 with 1460 mains. We have a strong diversity of classes in our guild (yes, we always have supports! I, myself, am a 1460+ bard main). We are willing to teach new or existing players. We will spend time teaching and learning new contents.

We are a friendly, chill guild that is looking for more people to play with. We aren’t exactly trying to push for #1 spots in events but we still love to participate in the guild events!

We also have an organized discord, frequently play and do content with our existing members!

If you are interested, please fill out this form and reply to this thread. You can also look us up ingame (FURRYLIFE) or dm me in discord Basil#9044 !

Lost Ark Character Name:
Highest ilvl character:
Total ingame hours:
What time you typically play:
Reason for joining:

Any spots for vykas hm static groups for sunday or Monday evenings?


Yes we do! We generally run legion raids on weekends since that is when people have the most time. We are most active from 6pm to degenerate hours.

Cool i sent my discord friend request just now

Keep the dms and applications coming! We have more spots!

Come join in the fun! :slight_smile:

I requested to join! let me know if you have spots! thank you!


I gotcha buddy :smiley:

more more more! we still going :slight_smile:

we trying to form a second group for vykas!

looking for Vykas Hard Mode DPS players!

Thanks for all the discord adds! Our guild is full now. I will revisit this tread when there are more spots available.

You can still leave your info/application here as a waitlist. Thanks for looking! :slight_smile:


We are actively recruiting more players for Vykas HM for week 2!! We cleared Gates 1-3 on hard mode and are looking for more players for a second static group! We want more players because not everybody can make every scheduled event due to time restraints.

If you can’t complete Vykas HM, we also have alts and other members doing normal mode!

We are also looking for any chill, active players for our guild. We accept any ilvl, as long as youre friendly and willing to learn.

The water is fine. Come on in!

add me on discord Basil#9044

Come join us! We also play other games (i.e. Valorant Tuesdays) because of maintenance.

add me on discord Basil#9044

check us out!

add me on discord Basil#9044

our guild level is now level 12! and shop lvl 5!

add me on discord Basil#9044

new week. new bump.

bumping this thread more than i bump my head