0 Communication once again Official news says shut up everyone

1.Black face shadow hunter drama whole forum, random bla bla bla post Official news
You dont care about what people want you just make your own bad decision

2.Bots everywhere…Not like they was there before… they are 5 times more than before

3.Today servers maybe get a fix…You basicly says we know there is a problem, we try something and maybe it works…
Unplayable game whole last weekend…People scared doing chaoss dungeon. Disco show in raids…
AFK weekend managment… No emergency situations like pheons…
Yeah everyone need a rest, but you should have some guys to fix some situations…

4.AH spamed by bots…scripted 1stack red stones spam 1/3/4 gold…

  1. South vern story line again buged, my friend cant complete the queste where you touch stone and go underground

6.And any more stuff

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Agree, there is a looooot of work to do for sure, let’s see what happens with this weekly maintenance.
For the south Vern quest, if the bug is still there tell your friend to press g when close to the watch towers, it’s just a visual bug where they removed the indicator close to the tower!

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I guess she try but there was also no abandon button :smiley:

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About that Sout Vern Story, you just simply press G next to pillar and it works. I did 7 times South Vern this week without an issue.