0,03% players that hit 1370 and above. a lie?

i read a post of a guy saying that only 0,03% reached 1370 and above. but i don’t think that’s true. everytime i log on to do my daily stuff i only see ppl that are 1370+ around me, no matter if they paid or not. even looking at party finder for abyss raid (argos) i see many many groups and all of them are 1370+

i’m playing since release and my main (bard) is only 1347. i don’t swipe at all. i just convert my gold into blue crystals to buy leapstones. shouldn’t i be 1355 at this point? i have really bad RNG tho. i was stuck at 1344 for over 1 week. i’m kinda lost cause i don’t know what i do wrong here. watching guides… atm i have a scrapper in T3… and that’s still not enough to boost my bard at all… :confused:

It could really be 0.03% of all characters as there are millions of bots to consider as well.


More people are starting to get passed the dead zone, slowly but surely, but the majority of them are still whales, with some people who played really hard from day one and sweated it out mixed in

0.03% is some random number some guy came up with.
Would you believe if i’d say 3%? or even 30%?
Look, people choose to believe what they want to believe.
Lets stay away from negativity.

You still need more weeks to hit 1370 , close is not even 1365 , the more close you think you are going the worst it gets and realize , what all players have been warning , thats why, current player base keeps dropping

I believe it.

Only ~3% of the population has even hit 1300.

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T3 is P2W. Don’t rush to it

People who say majority of people at 1370+ right now are whales are simply jealous.

Yeah it was terrible rushing to T3 and making bank selling honing materials to whales before the prices came crashing down. I should probably just give away all the gold I made.

Except that’s a true statement. There’s no way the majority of 1370+ players are F2P LOL

Proof? Evidence? Did you do a count?

Right now if you were decently lucky and having multiple characters already in T3 you can get to 1370 without being a whale. However this again depends on RNG.

Someone will pitty +14 / +15 weapon wasting a weeks of progression when someone will few tap it. Theres a HUGE gap between players who have spent similar amount of time and effort into the game and their progression.

I’m F2P and can play 12hrs a day if I want to. I’m sat at 1340. I don’t think sitting before the dead zone is that uncommon atm even if you could go higher.

(Not spending money till Games future is certain.)

You’ll just be spending all that gold on failed honing attempts.

The proof is that I have a brain and have played enough to understand what an undertaking it is to reach 1370+ f2p…

you forget the many bots. they also count

And about the 60% of players that have quit the game already.

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I only see bots, new players and ilvl60 and below in Prideholm

I only see bots, some players in ilvl180, a handful ilvl250+, and maybe occasionally someone thats ilvl1000+ in Wavestrands Port

I only see more bots, players generally in ilvl302+, good amount of players ilvl500+ maybe a dozen ilvl1000+ in North Vern

What you stated ia biased and solely depending on when & where you are in Arkesia

Get this man a big cookie

i’m talking about punika only. sorry if that came out wrong.

Your condescension aside, what exactly are you trying to say? That you think the majority of 1370+ players are F2P as BroJobs asserts?

Or are you just trying to be insulting to make yourself feel better?