03/11 - 4.1GB Update. No patch notes / No mentions anywhere

Todays update of 4GB was not mentioned anywhere and it is bad.

We deserve at least a bit of transparency if updates are this big. How do we know if the update is legit and not breached and pushed by some malicious 3rd party actor?


The rapport nerfs also weren’t mentioned. The lack of transparency and communication really sucks.


People said it was to fix sorceress sound bug. AGS says “Stop asking questions you peasant and give me your wallet”

Also, the size of the patch doesn’t say much since some files are just very big and even if you change one small thing you need to overwrite the whole file.


There was scrolling text in game under the chat window that said they were going to do a fix.

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Just horrible. Lazy to write few words on twitter/forum and let people know.

Yeah, it’s just UE things. Ark used to have 100GB updates every time they changed something in the giant data files.

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1.It’s night at the US , they don’t have anyone at EU to communicate with us . Wait for Roxx to wake up since she is the only one that provides answers as much as she can possibly can .
(they have ONE English speaking CM for a game that has 600-800k concurrent players lmao)

2.They really are un-able to be transparent with updates and provide proper patch notes like every other game in the world that has regular updates .

3.At this point i’m not even mad , it’s just that … they can’t do any better .

PS : PVP tokens were not mentioned either . They are in the game , but the vendor is not .

And the worst thing is that even if i make a thread about the pvp vendor , none of them will have any idea what the pvp vendor is (or the pvp tokens) since none of them really plays the game they publish lol .

It’s pretty funny at this point .

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Should we start a fund raiser to help amazon hire and pay more community managers?

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About the pvp tokens:

pls everyone, buy all new skins, amazon needs the money to hire CMs

Yeah i know. But this fact alone is pretty poor for a company of this caliber. Surprise guys! You also released the game on another continent. Who would have thought you could need someone there to speak to you players!?

Dunno, just sad… We are at a point where its like a game of surprise everytime you boot lost ark after work.

start a petition to get a new publisher and give it to the director once you have enough signatures IDK just thinking out loud.

to all the people making excuses that they only have 1 person as a representative or whatever…Amazon is the second biggest corporation in the world, I know americans worship corporations but jesus christ…

Can use the DevTracker option of the forum

Yeah i know what these are for . I am just saying that they put them into the game and there was 0 mention in the “patch notes” .

Digging through the forums and hoping for someone to clarify things like these is not the way to go . This is why PATCH NOTES exist . Proper patch notes . Like every other game has…

I don’t disagree with you. I hate seeing a download and not knowing what’s it about. I want this information to be given beforehand in detail.

I must have misunderstood your earlier message, just wanted to help clear a point. :slight_smile:


Np mate ii know you didn’t disagree , was just further explaining what i meant :grinning:


I clicked on “view updates” expecting to see some kind of patch note. Laugh is on me.