09:20 and already a 2k queue on Zinnervale

Headline says it all. Seriously, queues at this time are a bit crazy.

Same on Kadan.

But it’s Sunday and most people who couldn’t play through the week are now taking chance to play.

Edit: Plus literal botnets running 24/7 on EUC servers.

Can you blame the people logging in now, even if they don’t want to play right now, but in the afternoon/evening. I guess when you don’t log in now, you will never get in today.

On Mari West, biggest que I’ve ever had is 1.9k and it goes by in like 5 min. Mari op

Because nobody disconnects from game. Everbody using macros or other methods for perma login. So you can be sure that the %90 of logged in players were actually sleeping while you’re waiting on queue.
I’ve created topic about that but Amazon deleted it. Suppose their solution to queue problem is using macro.

actually i already gave up on zinnerque, moved to west region, at least i can play without any lags and ques, also my collection is way better here then on center, after just week.

I moved from Zinn to Moonkeep, best gaming choice of my life.

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Bro, the entire game is filled with bots. Those queues arent even there because too many people want to play the game, no, THE ENTIRE GAME IS FILLED WITH BOTS THAT WONT LOG OFF.

I’m on Asta right now, and all I see are bots. Everywhere…