1-2 second stutters with loud sound after update

After wednesday I have been getting these weird stutters that can last anywhere from half a second to 2 seconds and make a loud bsod sound through my headphones. At first I immediately though this was a pc issue so I updated all my drivers and whatnot, went onto test playing elden ring for around 8 hours with no problems. I hop onto lost ark then get the stutter in my first chaos dungeon. I feel like I might be going a bit insane here but I am just curious if anyone else is getting this issue since for me its only on lost ark.


Yes, I’m getting the exact same issue.

It’s also happening in only Lost Ark for me. Does not happen in Final Fantasy XIV, XCOM, Skyrim, or RDR2.

It is extremely likely to be caused by EAC.

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I see, thats pretty disappointing, I barely see anyone speaking of this even though its very annoying to deal with. I did suspect it to be a EAC issue since around the same time in event viewer there’s usually an error that follows it. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

Hello @Etheria.

I am sorry to hear that you’re experiencing those lag spikes / the game getting stuck, could you try the troubleshooting on this page:

If you’re still having issues, please reach us out so we can further investigate on this issue:

Hope you have a great rest of your day!

I just had a weird 1-2 second freeze with an even weirder buzzing sound… I was in a Chaos Dungeon… the temp on my CPU was only 60C, so my computer wasn’t overheating…

This is the first time that this has happened and I really don’t like it.

same issue please fix this asap!!!

Same here and Ofcourse it is not related to any other thing; as it started after the update . In my opinion it should be related to EAC.

Most likely, I’m getting it too. I hope AGS is getting ready to replace a lot of video cards.

Hello everyone.

Just a quick update we are investigating about this issue, currently I don’t have any updates but it has been escalated to the dev team, hopefully this will be resolved soon enough.

Hope everyone has a great rest of their day!

Thank you…
It really does need to be fixed as I don’t feel like I can play the game as it is,

I was just looking at the market in-game and the game froze for a second with the buzzing noise… I quit the game straight away as I can’t afford to replace my computer. I don’t feel safe playing with this happening.

Thank goodness I’m not the only one. Yes, exactly the same thing for me. Thought it was a PC issue, but I haven’t changed any hardware or added any new software.

In the latest patch, my chaos dungeon will stutter constantly whenever a lot of creeps are on screen. Then every once in a while it will freeze for a 1/2-1 second and then I hear a loud “buzzzzzzz” like my PC hard crashed, but doesn’t crash and I can keep playing. This never happened before this week and I’ve been playing since preorder religiously.

For reference, I have an 8700k & 3080. I checked my CPU/GPU/Memory utilization while playing and nothing is maxed out (I limit fps to 140 @1440p), temperatures are also all good. Wattage doesn’t seem unusual.

Please please fix this!!

Any updates on this?

Yes on other Topic. one of Mods… wrote its Players foult and he dosnt care

": Unfortunately, given this is not directly caused by our servers or by settings we can tweak on our end, there is no fix that can be applied by us either “” thats the quote not full ofc

I wasn’t using Discord… so this isn’t relevant to me…

I NEVER have Discord running in the background because I don’t use it (solo player).

The (game freeze, sound buzz) happened once when I was in a chaos dungeon and once when I was looking in the in-game market…
The only other thing I had open on my computer was google.

I think it’s time for the devs to stop looking for problems elsewhere and to start looking for where the problem actually IS… the game and its various components/add-ons.

This happened to me too, but after disabling overly in Discord, fixed it.

ngl this sound is scaring the shit out of me

Same issue here, i asked some friends and they dont get this error (they use INTEL) maybe its something related to AMD cpu?

I have an intel CPU and I have this issue… so I dont think it has anything to do with your AMD CPU.

@Vanishedvision I don’t have Discord running, so this won’t fix the problem for me. But I hope it continues to work for you.