1 class every 2 to 3 months

Sucks, they really are delaying class releases to every 2 to 3 months instead of all at once. =[

Guess some players have to find other games until the game is actually fully released.

On the bright side, congrats destroyer players! (April)

Edit: Also congrats Arcana players! (may)

Edit: No longer arcana – Now Destroyer and Lancer. Still releasing classes slowly as well =/


People really crying about a free to play game that has more content than most paid games lol.


Bad way to see it, Its so easy to say “ppl are criying” when you are playing with your main class, the point is, they are delaying “old classes” to release them later and earn money of skins, like gunner, striker and sorc, try to use you brain, its there for something :slight_smile:


Lol, old classes to people who have played KR or RU which is the minority. The vast majority of NA/EU players have never played the game before. How can you even have a main that you have never played. Is that hard to understand? The only exception are people who have played KR or RU in which case… continue to play your main there?? I personally wanted Lancemaster, but settled on Gunslinger and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I will still play a Lancemaster once it’s out. But this entitlement that people have with these classes they’ve never tried is insane.


Best comment on this recurring topic. Literally a minority of players basing their sole satisfaction on classes they wouldn’t even know existed if not for KR/RU version. This is literally how most game ports go…


You are saying there are “old classes to ppl who have played before”, these are old classes because they were released before. When the game came out in Russia, they already had more classes than us, tier 3 and everything as it should, there were certain cases where some classes came out later, but in 2 or 3 months (I invite you to investigate it) they had the complete roster at the date. here we are going to have the “complete” roster (which I have already made clear to you that it will not be like that because in KR and RU the updates will continue, their servers will not be stopped so that we can reach them) 2-3 classes per month, classes that are older than the last 3 that they added to us (sorc, striker and gunner) because the idea is very clear, it is to sell the skins, the first content they released for the game was a chest with mount and skins, the classes are not “content” to add, they are something that should be basic, because you have examples like destroyer and summoner that are very old release classes. I don’t think they pay you to be on their side, it’s fine that you like the game, but understand that they do everything to earn more money and win players back 14 months from now, they are very dirty policies seeing that in Russia you had everything the same which korea in 3 months.


I understand they were released before which does matter. I hope they give us the classes quicker than 1 a month as well, and I understand they have a business model behind it that I don’t necessarily agree with.

However, all I see on the forums lately are people complaining about their “main” not being in the game and these are people who have never played the game before. That’s what I’m trying to bring light to.


The only ones I really feel for are the people who played beta and enjoyed summoner, to only have it replaced by Sorc. Yea that sucks, so hopefully we’ll see it soon.


We are Westerners, we have the “gift” of seeing how things were in Korea and Russia, which helps us to know how the content is going to come out, we can also see the order in which things came out, and what annoys us the most to people is that you have 22 classes without counting the artist and they take 15 handpicked from you, knowing how they are going to get money and on top of that they are going to do everything in an increasing way to recover players, it is very dirty, so it seems correct to me that the people get angry and talk in the forums, because if they are really interested in their community, they should do the same as in Russia, in 2 or 3 months we should have everything, and not leaks and fight and see “let’s see if in 2 months this my class” they didn’t even release the roadmap they promised. Literally EVERYTHING WRONG


Consider too adjustment periods for players

Playing w 3 different new class types on your team in raids or against them in PvP

NA is still digesting what we’ve already gotten

This is the problem with people. There is no harm with feedback unless the user is being extremely toxic to devs.

Wow got in the state that it was because people allowed them, period. If you want change and positive change, then you have to speak and share your voice. You have power because ultimately you are the one that supplies them with cash. That’s how the real world is, your cash is their priority.

My perspective on this is negative towards their action. Makes me feel like they are using this as an incentive to bring me back to the game over a span of months.

Classes are the main tools on how you experience the game. I like to personally try all the ones I’m interested in before I focus on one. I also mainly play casters, so having one offensive mage sucks.

Summoner is a great example of content that was available to us and ready to use but was not released from us for the reason I stated above

Summary: withholding content from players that is pretty much available (summoner as example) it’s a pretty lame tactic to retain your players. Learn from wow and don’t do their mistakes.

shorter summary: Let us play the game not a portion of it.


Did you not see the tweet that said that the roadmap that came out was not accurate anymore?

I’m aware, which is why I’m expressing my feedback on their old plans Incase they don’t change this area of the roadmap.

Keyboard warrior BEGOONEEE

Pile dump!

The game isn’t new. People I’m sure have watched many YouTube videos in Seach of what class fits their play style. They find one they like and want too main it. then NA launches and it is not there. completely understandable. I know i researched what i wanted to play…then played it on RU and tried out all the other classes out on RU for the past 8 or so months and now im stuck waiting for the one I liked the most which was my first pick from watching videos and last pick after playing them all. Please bring Lancemaster!


Really having a good time with GW2 new expansion. The maps are pretty fun, I’m loving vindicator so far (and look forward to the rest of my new specs), and the story isn’t bad. Overall, good enough to get me along until i can try my destroyer.

Edit: Oh dang, i didn’t see my destroyer is coming first. Very lucky.


100% this, research goes a long way. From all the classes there Is available for us atm there’s a tiny handful I find “semi” fun to play, I’m sitting personally and waiting for Artist because I’ve been following that class for a long time. My friend Is waiting for Lance master, I really don’t get how some people can’t understand this. The class that WE have found to catch OUR playstyle Isn’t available on release, so now It’s just a waiting game generating materials for a character that’s potentially months on months away from coming to the west.

Again If you’re one that were looking forward to Destroyer ggs man I’m happy for you, the game doesn’t really “begin” until people can play the class they came to play unless the class Itself doesn’t really matter to you which Is completely fine too.


How is this even an argument when the game is new anyways and there isn’t even an active PVP season yet? If anything this would be the optimal time to release every class with that argument, because at least at that point everyone can get used to playing alongside other classes before it really matters like in higher tier content or pvp seasons.


what you have to say about ppl that played in beta summoner and they remove it instead for the sorc. that ppl cry too? also platinum users we pay for the game that was in the beta meaning summoner for example and we didnt got it so that ppl cry too? another thing if you dont complain there is no action, there is a say. every action have a reaction. so if you want a game that constantly grow you have to complain as well. but yes they have a big impact new classes thats why they will release it slowly as every time they release one it brings players to play.

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