#1 FIX Matchmaking rankeds :)

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This is a perfectly fair mmr matchup.

Numbers wise but the frustration level is through the roof. No real pvp game has MM with these F’D criteria.

I imagine the wait between s2 and s3 will be longer and then pvp will go onto maintenance mode.

Shame because the combat itself and classes are great.

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as long as everyone has the same issues , like in 500 games

everyone will have the saem experience, and so further its fair for everyone to have that bad experience

i dont see any problems as long as it it is like that

So, you admit its bad but because everyone has to deal with its fine.

It isnt fine because its not fun. Its not fun for the people carrying getting weighed down nor fun for the people getting dumpstered.

The current pvp population shows this may be fair but it isn’t fine.

Who would have said there is fewer ppl playing pvp since pvp shop was resetted.

Who would have guessed.

Fair would be based on their ranking and not total ratings, which game groups players from 2-3 tier difference and call it a day? That “diamond” bard was also in my group and threw the game by dying 2x within 30 seconds.

It lead to toxicity from the other player in my party which was a GM Artillerist, arena is messed up.
People deliberately throwing games, boosting people, thinking it’s funny to queue ranked and ruin it for everyone. Meanwhile Amazon just keeps looking at their income flow…