1 million bots banned and

…We have more bots, we def. need more extreme and effective measures to get rid of the bots in a f2p game where they can create tons of accounts with BOTS again.

Everything is automated, you gotta also automate the detection system to ban them.


I’m literally tired of reporting and blocking bots, i know we should also help with reporting them to the system but this is really getting out of hand.
I’m not a “f2p” player but look at the blue crystal price already, and it has been only a month since full release, there is no way f2p can compete with us at this rate and it will have a huge impact in the economy in the long term(compared to KR).

If you guys don’t really take serious actions don’t expect this game to be any different from NW anytime soon (even if i don’t want this to happen it probably will happen).


EDIT 2: I sometimes doubt if i’m talking to other human beings or some bots who spam the topic with totally off-topic stuff and kill the soul of the current topic…


So I’m gonna throw in my grain of salt here cause something is triggering me.

Lost Ark launched the 11th February at a peak of 1.3M players. About 2 weeks later, this number lost approximately 500K and is now 900K. If Amazon Games banned 1 million bots, there should be around 300K players left top, but current tops are around 800K. Source : Steam

I know you are incompetent Amazon, but lying much ??


Thats some preschool level math huh?

Those numbers you see in steam charts are concurrent players, which means that every one of those people are playing concurrently. Bot accounts on the other hand come and go, they can and are easily discarded all the time. Just because 1M bot accounts were banned that in no way means that 1M of the steam chart players were bots lmao

That said, yes, AGS lied. But for many different reasons, not this xD


You’re the incompetent one who doesnt understand how Steam charts works.

Steam charts isnt a number of all players, its a snap shot of players logged in at any given time.

Meaning that at the peak, 1.3 million players were playing at that time, not that there are only 1.3 million players.


How did you get that? A single bot runner might have far more accounts than they can have running at once. They would most likely be swapping them in and out to try to prevent them from getting banned. Running them 8-12 hours per day will evade detection more than 16-20 hours, for example.

Yep, Im a white knight for having to explain how Steam charts and statistics work.

Perhaps if you dont understand how Steam charts works, you shouldnt use it to support your argument.


(compared to KR)

Have you seen the prices in KR?, like 1M gold is nothing…

And it will be the same here, jsut wait until most people have alts in T3.

Guys please, stay on the topic and if you wan’t argue about stuff do it privately.

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yeah, KR blue crystal to gold ratio is 100:1800 after 3 years, not 95:1000 after 1 month.

“Just wait”

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There is no means to combat bots, so like the other 10 “too many bots!” Posts on the front page of the forums, yours added nothing to the discussion that everyone didnt already know.

You can’t automate bot bans because players will abuse it to get non bot players banned and then that just creates more work and doesnt stop new bots form being created. Its like trying to hold back a waterfall with your hands.

Or you can just be smart and disable player to player exchange of money, like other Korean MMOs that are not under incompetent management like Amazon’s

Amazon is only the publisher. Imagine not only being ignorant on how Steam Charts work, but also not know the difference between a developer and publisher. Then blame a change only Smilegate could implement on AGS.

You say people are white knighting AGS, but the reality is you have some seriously pent up hate for AGS and are blaming them for everything, then lashing out at people who point out flaws in your arguments and stances.


I have now seen bots doing TIER TWO VOID DUNGEONS! Can you believe that?

This is as disgusting as New World.

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Uh, ok. I guess because I disagreed with two of your unfounded arguments you’re all angry and resorted to name calling, and some how I’m the bad guy?

I’m just going to leave this here to further disprove your “steam charts rawr!” post…


Uhh yes there is.

You know that botting isn’t a problem at all in Korea? That’s because in Korea if you’re going to make an account in an online game you need to use your equivalent of a social security number to do it. This is because cheating in Korea in online games is taken VERY seriously, and a ban in one game might get you banned in ALL online games.

Now I’m not saying that we need to go as far as Korea does, but a 2 step authorization linked to a phone number, Amazon account or literally ANYTHING other than just a Steam ID would go a very long way to combatting bots. They could go the route of requiring an authenticator app like Blizzard games have as well.

The problem right now is that Steam IDs can be gotten by anyone with an email address and banning them does little to combat the problem when there are factories of bots with thousands of email addresses and steam IDs using them.

So. Asking for a second form of ID to log in one that isn’t as easy to spam, would go a very long way in solving the botting issue. It would be an annoyance to players at first but if it was with the goal of eliminating bots I think most players would happily take that deal.

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lmao 20M players sure :+1:

They could just lock Area chat, to unlock it you must reach all 3 of these requirements

  • Reaches level 52
  • Reach ilvl 600
  • Cleared Yorn main quest lines

this isnt hard for a normal player to achieve, it will take longer for bots since they will need to do more quests and honning

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LOL what are you talking about. I’ve been playing since Founder’s pack release and I’m not level 52 yet. i’m ilvl 1096.

Isn’t hard for a normal player? Get out of here. You’re basically blocking area chat from 90% of the playerbase. That’s not a solution at all.

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Thats because you havent been doing quest im almost 53 and im level 1345 with 380 hours in

I’ve done every quest on every continent and I have 45 Island tokens and I’ve been to every island on the map. You’re delusional if you think that getting level 52 just happens that fast for everybody.