1 minute 30 seconds of Chaos dungeon bots

Now, i dont understand why they dont have 1 person per region who spends a couple of hours in each server banning these bots

“but it costs money!” I hear you say
It doesnt have to, but here is the thing
Its called a "deterrant"
Something AGS are not even contemplating

Over a period of a couple of weeks you would have broken their will to keep making accounts when they will be squashed within a few days
Trying to automate the squashing of automated bots (with far superior programmers) is futile
You need deterrants

Anyways its nothing you havent already seen, but 1 and a half minutes of bots clearing the first screen of a dungeon, going to repair/exchange their stuff and back in again

Luckily my server doesnt have queues …yet…but they will soon enough as long as AGS starve people of gold in the vain attempt to get them to buy gold from the shop
Not going to happen in my opinion

Yes, why did anyone not think of this !? You are such a genius !


They need to have a zero tolerance policy with RMT users. You RMT for even just 2 gold? Perma ban.

From what I gather, they give a slap on the wrist unless the amount is over some threshold, something like 10k gold. Silly.

I also think they should have people in game banning bots. I don’t even think they have to hire people to do this. They could have those in the community do it in a volunteer program by giving them some in game stuff as compensation for their time. They could make sure nobody abuses it by stating that they will ban anyone that bans anyone that isn’t an obvious bot. Pretty sure there’d be many who would offer to help because they are sick of seeing this and would like the idea of getting some in-game stuff for their time. Hell, I think I would be one of these players. It’s embarrassing.


The real problem is they can’t detect most RMTs. I know several people who buy millions of gold since release and haven’t received any form of punishment. The gold buyers are not afraid because they are actually not detected.


ive seen 400k lvl 1 gems on the market so many times now

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I guess they don’t track transaction history? mail history is there so that should be an easy indicator.

What does deterrent mean bro

Did you report them?

problem is that someone can buy shit from you for RMT gold and you should get ban then as its legit way for transfer RMT gold :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have spoke to AGS weeks ago and offered my time to help ban bots having lots of experience with being ingame GM. They ljust said a flat big No!!! Reason being thry cant trust the community to only ban bots and not cause chaos running round just banning people they dont like…

I would do it for free. Ofc that means I’m not going to hunt them down. But when I see them i would ban them. I stopped with telling them about gold spammers cuz it looked like nothing was getting done.

We are watching closely. Also very closely.

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You’re welcome.

And by the way, this is the english forum. If you thought you could get off easy by insulting in another language, tough luck, I can read it just fine.

I wish it were that easy, but bot accounts are programmatically created. It would be inefficient to manually create a new account each time your bot is banned. The entire process is automated.

Yes it does. Imagine that: people want to get paid to do work. And they don’t want to work 24/7 (and are not allowed to in civilized countries). Also: Not AGS, SMG. Ingame Admins are all SMG

yea sorry i didnt explain myself very well on that point

As it stands with bots selling gold, then AGS are losing out on those sales
If they banned the bots manually and broke their business model then the only way to buy gold would be through the shop and game
This in itself would cover the cost of employing people to do it and also make a profit

Its never going to happen as i am beginning to realise that AGS business model is not designed for gamers, its designed for people with a lot of money to spend
That soon drys up though

A business model similar to POE i think would be a hit
people like new outfits, even transmog abilities and sparklies
if you want people to spend money, forcing them by design is not a long term plan

You guys really think manual bans would work? The time you’re banning one they already made another 10 new accounts, also amazonians and smeagle would need dozen of people for each server 24/7 on banning, too much effort for a small effect, it’s like drug trafic you can’t end it by just trying to stop the mules, you need to catch the guys making it or incentive people somehow to stop using drugs.