1 month after release

So what’s your opinion on the current state of the game right now ?

Personally I feel like there are so many threads talking about all the ongoing issues and important suggestions, it would take too long to list them all here.

We can see that Roxx is trying her best to reply to some of the threads by saying they are taking notes and contacted the devs about it but 95% of those cases never receive an actual answer from the devs, whether it is about a bug, feedback or suggestion.

I am overall disappointed by the lack of communication and transparency and we can feel the ongoing frustration it created.

Apart from that, the game is doing pretty well in numbers considering the fact that the most important content of the game that made it popular isn’t really out yet, which is legion raid and skins (The skins in the shop are an actual joke).


I was in love with the game until the Argos patch, now it feels like I’ve been lied to with all the content creators that claimed that you would be able to keep up with new content if you played enough. I don’t think that this is a healthy direction for the game, still baffles me that we got an even more predatory monetization than the Korean & Russian servers.


Do note that majority of the posts are biased ranting posts, so I’m not surprised why CMs wouldn’t bother to respond. Look at all the topics at least one CM response, OPs retained to be civilized.

Game wise, I am getting to like it. Very used to typical third person MMORPG, top down view is a fresh start for me since I don’t play that much games with top down camera.

A dozens of here and there can be better but really just QoL imo that will takes time to finesse.


I’m going say it again,

Nobody is strong arming you to must play Argos right here and now, immediately upon release.

None, nada, except you and all the content rushers who falls shorts on ilvl then come to forum rage about it.


I think the important thing to point out here is that he feels like he got betrayed.

Don’t forget that Gold Roger clearly said that the western release was supposed to be a “Fast & F2P” experience in order to catch up to korean content. The last content patch with Argos doesn’t feel like “Fast” and even less “F2P”.

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I don’t watch people play games, a damn waste of time when yoi can play it yourself. Except for Twitch Rewards.

Also, why believe someone on internet so easily, just because he/she/they/it/other pronouns streams?

Should I point out the major flaw in that? Will viewer go smear shit on body if the streamer says smear shit on body helps improve immune system?

I’m talking about Gold River here, the director of the game. Not about a random streamer saying random stuff on the internet.


But I want something new to do, not the same dailies and weeklies with no challenge. Especially when the game’s director said that casual players should be able to keep up with new releases, which is impossible for our current version, apparently.

I am sorry i may come out as agressive in this post but believe me i am not.

You think quality of life are the only issues? Do you understand that all of this has been done before in 3 regions and AGS just had to take notes from them but instead is actively trying to make the western version the most pay to win and predatory?

Can you see what they are truly doing with the game or are you huffing copium in extreme ammounts?

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Don’t bother replying, they are clearly trolling or have no idea how generous other versions were, it makes global version look like a penny-pinching whale-milker of a game.

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My bad.

I mean there has to be something “slow” if you’ll use that to describe contents that are not fast enough.

If It’s all easy breeze through what’s the point? Why not just play Maplestory 2 and storm to level 1250 in 2 hours and look at them glitters and insane damage goes?

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I don’t see why casual cant keep up with new content provides that hitting the required ilvl to access down the road.

Doesn’t sound like any of us HAVE TO be there because it’ll never be accessible ever again after some time.

Argos and other new content is not going to be something that you can “breeze through” even if you meet the ilvl requirement because of the amount of effort/time you need to put into learning the fights, which is the fun part that we cannot get to because they decided to withhold changes that were made on other versions of the game when Argos came out.

Dude, the game’s director told us that we would be able to keep up, if the leaked road map is anything to go by, F2P will always be an update behind the whales, tell me, does that sound like “keeping up” to you ?

Same 4 people every thread dick riding and defending a clearly unpopular patch because it doesn’t affect them.

Exactly what happened to New World, people got to level 50 and found all the game breaking issues the game has week 3, the level 25 casuals all defended the game saying nothing’s wrong and the game’s amazing since they get to enjoy it at their own pace.

Fast forward 3 months those casuals got to 50 and realized the game’s broken and then the game died.

It’s the same cycle all over again.

Changes like what?

How about just don’t play the game at all if you seems to have so much issues?

Very productive conversation here bud.

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I’m just disappointed with the release schedule mate, why do you have to make it so personal ? :c

Because emotionally he’s a child. He’s been doing this in every thread.

Personal attacks and ad-hominems. Just report and move on.

EDIT: Literally proving my point right below this post lmao.


You do not have to destroy people to point out flaws, you can add perspective of being the 1% atm but look at the issues that can arise long term.

  • Without ever looking at Korea/Russia you can very clearly see there is some type of content void and gap in t3. Ghost ship? ‘Middle ground’ abyssal dungeon such as Palace or Gate? World boss? Even just looking at your t1-t2 experience you start to feel something is wrong even if you don’t quite know what.

  • The ‘casuals’ are the base of the game, you want those casuals to climb but you simultaneously are ONLY rewarding the 1% of the 1% (the whales among the uber-grinders). Even those casuals are chomping at the bit with ‘normie’ issues such as wanting skins, when the only group that can and should be happy and complacent atm is whales we have a building storm as more players continue to progress into t3.

  • The content release planned is going to further widen gaps and given your gear progression is time gated on weeklies at 1370 we will have a doubling down of issues when south vern/legion raid releases. (violates the goal of at least keeping whales and grinders close together).

We can love the game, love what it is or can be, not hate the community managers and even respect them, etc. But people trying to minimize or put others down for voicing their issues or concerns is bad. Smilegate WANT a critical community pointing up rather than at each other, we should not be diminishing others experiences or concerns for wanting to play the game different. They keep committing to fixing pvp despite it being less than 5% of the player base in korea, the devs vs the treatment and rollout so far in NA/EU is a very large clash in approach and THAT is where the biggest outrage is and it’s still not fully clear if it’s Amazon influence (New World ptsd crew) or Smilegate not fundamentally understanding a ‘relaunch’ in a new region.