1 set of skins a month is unacceptable

Only one set of skins every month? How can people be happy about this? There are HUNDREDS of skins for multiple classes in other regions of Lost ark, yet we are only getting 1 skin set PER MONTH?!?

@Roxx Can you clarify if this is the only skin-line/skin set we are getting for this patch? There needs to be more variety on a more regular basis imo.


Absolutely. 1 Skin per Month is just … bullshit, to be honest. Please @Roxx , help us! Lol.

it’s a dress up game in Korea and thats what im here for. No skins and no class…

Totally agreed! It completely doesn’t make sense. I guess my martial artist is gonna wait another month

And the skin set isn’t even good. Players have no options for customizing their characters.

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I wish we get more skins instead of one. :sob:

If you guys want to check Korean skins feel free to check it here.


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I’m hoping this is just because they are bogged down sorting server/bot issues and have forgotten skins/classes are a thing.

Who am I kidding…

This will become a paradox real soon. Like wait for a few months for acceptable skins and content, but if everyone’s waiting who would be palying the game. Someone’s gotta whale for us toget content.

Oh my god, I wish we get them. :sob:

Too much skin! Need to spend a few months censoring them leggies…

What a waste of resources if they are wasting their time to please a minority of players.

Wait this hasn’t released yet right? the Maintenance wont be here until 3/10

This is legitimately bizarre. Especially for a game for many who play know has a ton of skins. Even in other games skin releases tend to be a bit more abundant. The most surprising thing about all of this is we don’t even have all the skins from beta still. This isn’t people being impatient, this is legitimately a let down and entirely perplexing. wish we could get an official answer as to why there is only one new skin being released.

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Agreed, its weird to me we aren’t getting new skins like once every 2 weeks… imo seems like a decently fine rate for a f2p mmo

Too busy to cover up every milimetre of skin, takes time so 1 set every month is alot for them …

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