1-shot mechanics

Just a short request;
Please consider taking away the 1-shot mechanics in this game. Usually you have limited potion usage already on those fights that have 1-shot mechanics so just make it so that instead of 1-shotting everyone on mechanic checks, just make it do massive amount of damage making it possible to have some room for error and have players be able to learn from mistakes.


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Just a short request:
Please consider learning mechanics & improving your play style instead of asking for a nerf. This game is already quite easy, don’t make it worse.

People who are crying right now will continue to cry even after all the content gets nerfed significantly.


I can’t tell if this is serious or trolling


Your post already has the solution dude. “some room for error and have players be able to learn from mistakes.”

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Your group faults a group mechanic, you wipe. So you have room and time to think over it. Learn from your mistakes, try it again and succeed or fail again. :grin:


Why do people rather write on the forums or complain for hours instead of just watching a guide in 3 min?


One-shot mechanics are most often stagger-checks which are visually well represented, often with the boss being still and having some kind of across-the-screen aura glowing. And if they are not guardians, there is even a stagger bar visible.
The point of 1-shot mechanics is to force the players to adjust and break that stagger, or leave the area until the boss finishes the attack. By reducing the damage you literally make the point of the mechanic useless.

Learn the fight, coordinate with your team using short messages or location pinging and you’ll get there.

For some reference, I play a sorceress with only randoms. I watch short guides on mechanics on youtube for each boss, ask people if they know what to do and use the ingame pinging mechanic to coordinate when to stagger. If we f-up, I’m pretty much dead, but I at least know that the team will do a better job next time.


Just a short answer. no, learn to deal with them. theres always ways to avoid

It sounds like

“Please nerf this game and give us all achievement, collectible even better add an option to close all content in one click! Please it is so hard to play this game! We need leveling our char! We need to learn boss mechanics! Even we need to turn on our PC to start the game! Please AGS NERF ALL OF IT ASAP!”

Something like this :slight_smile:


Because “YoU dOnT pAy My SuB!”
Oh, wrong game.

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People who complain on hardness of guardians and dungeons now will quit later when they meet end game content. All guaradians and dungeons we have now are super easy mode compare with the next.


This thank you. Makes the game fun

Yeah imagine in a month when 300HP bar Bosses come out and they have like 5 different wipe mechanics. Imagine failing one at 10 bars. So yeah… You better start learning now:
Boss has blue aura = counter
Boss has yellow bar under his model looking like he’s taking a poo = stagger
Guardian is looking like taking a hard poo = stagger
Red zone = bad


Don’t forget
Blue zone = bad with a time to ponder your failure

Is this like brain-dead boomer or just lazy want to big-dking and f the mechanic dude

I’m already sad about the fact that alberhastic dies before doing a mechanic and that tytalos doesn’t even kill you anymore. Usually the wipe mechanics are very simple to do. Try it a few times.



Ok remove 1 shot mechanics and make it big dmg but once your team dies during for example abyssal dungeon, you can’t recover and lose entry count.

i don’t have a problem with one-shot mechanics if it’s my fault.
if i f-up, then get one shotted…that’s fine.

what drives me nuts are the group wipe mechanics that insta-kill you, because someone else made a mistake.

It’s OK when the party is killed when someone made the mistake. It happens, we can re-try etc.
But its VERY annoying when half of the party doesn’t know the mechanics since they failed to do their homework and then do not wait so you could explain them all the stuff. Again and again… (Plus they have no potions, no bombs, no anything.)