1 Year Later And PVP Is Still A Joke

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You need to state out the specific imbalances in a detailed manner so they know how to rebalance each classes’ health pool and abilities.

What class do you play?

EXACTLY! Why do you think no one cares about it. It doesn’t belong here and should just be removed

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who pvp ?


Alot of peoples. The diference between pvp and pve is that in pvp you must got some brain. In pve only what you need to do good is money or hard grind. So pvp is just not for everyone. There is alot of pve players that comming on forum and crying how bad pvp is, cause after they got mvp in few raids, they are feel like a god of war and think “fck i’am the best, now i will kick some other players asses in pvp…” :slight_smile: …and they fail, cause lvl 26 class kick they high ilvl ass :wink: then they come back to the forum and start crying on balance, “unlimited staggers”, mm, pink poneys, etc :slight_smile: cheers.

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Pretty much. 70% of the people I see doing it are just there for the weekly. Furthermore the islands are obv a pay to win party.


SG probably dont think they earn much money from players killing each other all the time, so its just number tweaking only in pvp, its more profitable to invest in skins and art

Nobody cares about MMO pvp and probably never will. If people wanted to PVP they’d just play a game that’s centered around PVPing… People refuse to just accept it :joy:


Kinda not true, I only play LA for PvP because the combat action is lit as hell, there’s plenty of Discord full of pvpers just like me, simply I think you’re just not in contact at all with this side of the game

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Yeah every MMO every people like you say the same and guess what? The PVP scene dies or is an infinitesimally small portion of the MMO community. You sitting here trying to tell me there’s plenty of you while this thread and everyone else knows it’s dead af :joy: straight copium.

Maybe YOU didn’t played recently but you should pay us a visit ^^

It’s not at it’s best but it’s still going, even if we are not thousands we are still people who play the game. So whats the point there exactly ? If we’re so insignificant why do you engage in pvp related topics ?

Don’t just spit free venom on people like that, not really polite

Why ask me a question you already know the answer to? The first post you responded to told you why :joy:

What you just wrote means nothing, I guess we can end it here

You guys are getting games? I’ve been queueing for an hour right now

Couldn’t agree more it’s just out of place in this game it doesn’t belong!

If everygame match you a reward it would be alot more popular. Its the no rewards bs that people don’t bother with it. Has potential. I hope they fix pvp before rowen and i hope the Moba mode when it comes out gives some kind of incentive to play it by means of ingame rewards.

Yep, fine by me. Copium usually has no logic behind it which is what this was. An emotional reaction to something you didn’t like. :joy:

Stop talking please… I literally used 1+1 logic and you still say emotinal, there’s no fitting into your biases

Lol who cares about pvp in a PvE focused game?
Better get back to league or any shorter for your pvp kick bud