10% royal crystal bonus not received

Hi admin. I Just bought $19.99 worth of Royal crystal, but did not receive the bonus 10%. My remaining RC was 704. I was expecting 3,120 after purchase but only got 2,904. The 10% bonus was not provided. Character name Deullahan. Please help

That’s correct. The 10% bonus refers to the extra above the nominal rate on the $10 pack, so instead of receiving 2000 you get 2200, which is already displayed as total.

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As @F2P mentions, the % bonus when purchasing Royal Crystals is already added to the amount showed in each pack. For example, the cheaper pack is 1000 RC, and the next one is 2200 RC, which is 10% more RC than buying 2.x 1000 RC packs separately. Similar to that, buying the 12000 RC pack is 20% more RC than buying 10 x 1000 RC packs separately while having the same price.

Hope this answers your question!