100+ day grenade cooldown

Hello! I wanted to ask if the issue with grenades having an extremely long cooldown on the Vykas server on NAE is being worked on. From my understanding it happened due to using them while the server was glitching back in April(kept getting disconnected and the login reward kept resetting for a period of around half an hour). My glaivier’s grenades currently have a 115 day cooldown(It’s slowly going down, used to be 170 if I remember correctly). I’ve written to support but didn’t get a solid answer.
It was mentioned in a patch that the issue is known a while back but nothing has been done about it. No use fixing it when its already almost fixed by itself. It’s not that impactful to my gameplay at the moment, because I can use bombs normally, but if the raid group isn’t strong enough and needs me to use flame or dark grenades, I’m simply unable to.

There were dates and time on my support ticket but I’ve not the slightest idea how to go back and read the ticket I sent.

There’s also the unable to donate to guild bug that also happened to some at the same time.
Can be fixed by leaving and rejoining the guild but the longest cooldown is 32 days.

great then you do not need to use grenades

That’s odd, YySsBG.

I’ll see if I can get some clarification on this for you.

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That’s really unfortunate. I had to look it up cause it sounds ridiculous, but other’s have had the same issue. It’s so bad it’s comical LMAO

Almost 3 months later and I still got this annoying issue. It’s so ridiculous, I hope the next patch will fix this issue.

Yeah it really sucks to not be able to participate in guild contributions. All because the Vykas server randomly crashed that one morning all those weeks ago. Lucky that I don’t have the grenade issue, just guild one. What really sucks is they know about it, and claimed they were going to fix it in the Valtan patch notes but then they couldn’t and removed it q-q

Any updates or nothing anytime soon?

Sorry for the delay in response! This is currently a known issue and is being investigated.

Thanks for the response! Much appreciated. <3

thankfully /dance was hotfixed immediately

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Not a problem!

I’m happy to say that both the cooldown and thr being unable to donate to guild has been fixed(with this week’s update I’m pretty sure)

Glad to hear!

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