100% happy with new roadmap

I’m just going to be honest and say in my opinion I think you guys have completely nailed updates 2 patches in a row now.
I’m glad were finally getting back on track to being the best game we can possibly be


i’m happy too but i would like to have a word on summoner


Just watch, the class that was supposed to be present with game release will end up being the last one. Top tier decision making.


As long as there’s a new Ark Pass coming in aug or sept, I’ll be happy.


I actually think Summoner will release next because they got some really nice updates in PTR along with the fact that AGS seems to be alternating between a more popular and less popular class release schedule.

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With the PTR update, it technically should have been the next class not scouter.

Only positive about this roadmap is Scouter, which a lot of folks gonna enjoy.

Other than that, the late release of Kuku gonna kill it for a lot of people who already 1475+ (which pretty standard by now for f2p). Some of my static already announce long break until then.

I just hope they will include the PTR balance + Tripod change in part 1 of September update. That’d be nice.


I’m glad I got to level 1502 to be very prepared for the clown coming in the next few months

I’m 1485 for a while and it’s not killing it for me or my static. Sometimes a break is nice or you can gear all your alts/horizontal content in the meantime.
I’m also hoping for the tripod update

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Waiting for the scout to arrive, wanting to take him as far as possible

A lot of positive because anything is better than nothing but the major ones are kakul and scouter in september. Maybe tripods but we don’t know bc they haven’t release the details in full. The rest of the “content” is nice but isn’t anything major. QoL is always nice.

She getting reworked right now on Kr so i doubt we will see her soon

99% for me, everything looks great, only thing personally id like to have also seen is the tripod qol change, but hopefully thats a hidden extra surprise

yes im so happy too, almost 3 months of no content.
I hope they will stay with this 1 raid per 3 months and adjust class releases accordingly to 4-5 months.


Don’t worry guys, once we catch up in legion raids/classes we’ll be waiting half a year, if we’re lucky, for new content so might as well start getting used to months of no content :slight_smile:

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Further bug issues on simple stuff which worked just fine pre patches, issues with power pass, even further know bugs, issues with bots in t3, issues to satisfy both fresh and veteran player equally.

A completely “nailed” patch by any meaning in a negative way.

There’s still content to do.
How are people going to react when we finally catch kr and months with no content like legions is pretty normal?
Sure we all want all classes and content immediately but unfortunately not the case.
I’m ready for brel but I understand that it probably won’t come out till Christmas or the new year.
1 raid per 3 months is do able. I get it tho it can get boring after weeklies and dialies done.

I dont know what you mean, im very happy!
But lets get not into purely hypothetical "what if " situations that are most likely not going to happen for a long time.

What would make me even more happy is if they wont give a powerpass oder express event with scouter

the long wait inbetween raids is giving me time to get all my alts into hard valtan and geared how they feel best, in relic gear so yah idc. if youre feelign stressed with a 2 month wait between raids idk how yall play other mmos tbh

You don’t think an express or power pass is needed for scouter?
I’m pretty sure the 2 month between classes is to make it easier for us to get passes.
Hypotheticals sure I can agree but eventually we will catch kr and even they have dry periods.