100 player blocking limits


I’m quite annoyed that the limit on blocking players (spam bot in the chat) is only 100.
Bots are constantly chatting or running somewhere. I can’t block more players and they bother me in the chat.


people have been asking for this for months, dont get your hopes up

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Can’t they just store the block lists client side if they’re that worried about how much space these use? Or better, have the bots rotate out whenever they get banned. It could send a small message to ask ‘which of these players still even exist’ each time or something.

That said, the best work-around for now is just to unblock everyone who you blocked more than a week ago or so. Yeah, it’s not really a good one, Amazon should get it together here.

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Thank you.
That is a good idea :slight_smile:

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It would be easier if they would allow to sort the block list by time.
If you could select a time limit after which they are automatily unblocked, like after 2 weeks or after 4 weeks.
As of now the Block List is only sorted by name, which does not really make sense because the names of blocked bots are random garbage anyway. So no real reason to sort them by name.


Still exists as of Aug 4…

The fact that I have to actively manage a blocked list of old vs. new bot spam is horrible.

honestly dont block bots - they are annoying yea but after 5min there will be another one and since the game is free they can make infinite acoutns pretty fast

when the limit is that “low” just use it for annoying players