100+ sorcerer and berserker bots passed near me in only five minutes!

I did not even know that it is this bad until i have made myself a new Sorcerer and now i do understand why the price for the blue crystals sky rocketed so much.



There are thousands of them in the starter zones on ALL servers around the world.

It’s so bad that I have decided to delete my BEZERKER alt… He was only low-level… Why? Because of all the BEZERKER BOTS running around everywhere.
I don’t want to be accused of being a bot.

I have a Sorceress, but she is wearing a skin and could never be mistaken for a bot.

This problem is out of hand.
AGS knows about the problem, they are trying to come up with a solution.

This is what they have to say to a post I made on the topic of bots…
“Yes, I can confirm, we are currently working on several tools to address this bot issue”.
BOTS clogging servers.

I hope they are able to fix the problem soon as there are MANY more bots than players.

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Yes I have to say it is dangerous for berserkers & Sorcerers in leveling gear to walk up to quest NPC’s lol.

The gear looks the exact same as bots and you could only get the name Bersserek from everything else taken :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you see the players nearby watching you and start sweating.

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I just do something, un-bot-like if I saw other players around… Run in circles, throw out a few punches, hop on my horse that isn’t brown, dance for them, etc…

But that takes up time… so I deleted my Bezerker and made a Palladin instead. He is so much better anyways… lol

at this point, bot population might be closer to real player population

thats what people call rubberbanding. maybe your connection or theirs were just bad.