10,000 queue waitlist

I don’t understand why real players who want to play and grind this game have to sit in these long queue times… These bots that are on the servers need to be banned. Why can’t there be any active GM’s using the ban hammer on bots in the popular maps.

I hope they fix this really soon, things like this make people quit the game. UNPLAYABLE. It’s not fun and there’s no enjoyment sitting in a 10,000 queue number for almost half the day. Not many people have the time to wait.

EUC ftw

7.6k cue unacceptable for a game thats not brand new , also last patch seemed to introduce a whole new set of issues including crazy lag during animations z key not working properly causing mis timings for burst classes which is bad and all the lost time due to bots i used my monthly wings thing for aura and its getting wasted on unplayable time i think a 15 or 30 free wing is not a bad return for the failure endured but yes pls get rid of the bot scripters there running like 30 warriors all over the land at night end them

Unfortunately the lack of in game moderators to catch all these gold spammers, farming bots and people using inapproproate language and hate speech is thanks to gamers starting from a game called World of Warcaft where not only were the bad guys getting banned, but people complaining they were banned just because a moderator disliked their name or because the moderators were bigots. Treating them like all mods were cops and all gamers were of minority groups. So WoW got rid of all in game moderators and all other games followed suit in removing or never having any real people in game to automated anti-cheat systems which are programs that can be hacked or bypassed instead. So now people see the issue with it and hate the opposite. You just cannnot make everyone happy, so the game industries are looking for what can they do but be most profitable. Which is not paying a program and relying on gamers to report the bots, which then everyone complains is not their job rather than paying lots of people to play and be in the game that gamers complain about. But as the saying goes, “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

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12k cue after a 11k earlier i wont be playing today thanks ALOT and your honeing issues and this crap i think ima bounce with the rest before it gets worse like fjb theres no shingin sun on horizon

Yep, I am quiting because of this. :grinning:
Have fun!