1080 to 1100 why no one talking about how bad this is

Yes I know getting to 1340 is worse but, I am already stuck getting to 1100 LOL…

I currently don’t have a alt to support my main feeding mats and my main is 1086 . I’ve exhausted all mats T2 island mats and run chaos / guardian but they don’t drop enough mats if you don’t have alts to feed when you are honing at 1080 -->1100…

Is this game alt mandatory ? What if someone don’t have the time or enjoy running 3 or 4 alts feeding mats that is they need to be also at equivalent tier to even do so.

I seem poor too I don’t even have 1000 gold as I exchange it to Crystals and buy mats on Mari shop on my Main. Again no alts feeding mats and my honing keeps failing …

I must be doing something wrong… I do enjoy the game in general but I only wish they can give us more options to gain mats or buff honing or whatever, and maybe not make alts such mandatory thing in order to progress ? I mean if people want to play more alts that is totally welcome but also if people don’t have time or play that many alts are not penalized as well ?


for how long have you been on 1080?

No one is talking?

A lot people are whining.

I had 62 fails to reach 1100 and then three days to progress from t2.5.
I don’t think it is so bad but I don’t see why I need to rush.

Only thing I have issue is false honing %. I don’t mind if it would show realistic 10%.

btw. Pure f2p and zero market bought mats.

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Maybe around a week or so ? But I don’t have alt “YET” to support my main. alt is currently finishing Rohendale quest so she can run equivalent chaos to support.

My main get roughly 1 or 2 chances honing per day and fails too often LOL… everything seems gated in the game at this stage. exchange syl blood cry is gated 5 days… pirate coin to mat is gated 5 days LOL…

You fail once and all is gone

Maybe I will end up quitting after hitting 1340 like most people have said, this game might not be for me sadly speaking. I just can’t see myself honing at 1% chance for 200 times and enjoy doing it

Bloodstones, islands and market boat trading for mats?

Ye i’ve done them all… i just mentioned they are gated at 5 days timer LOL

I know they are just asking cuz you coud’ve missed something, wierd I got it in 5 days max. Dunno what you’re doing wrong than.

ye right ? terrible RNG maybe ? anyhow, you prob had Alts feeding mats ?
+14->+15 the mats required is pretty heavy, and compare to what the game is able to provide as F2P player is way out of balance

I never fed my main with alts, but I used mari’s shop for some mats that’s probably why

Cuz its not

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lol, cuz your RNG is working better doesn’t mean the majority is also having your luck. But thanks for sharing your easy success

Just some sources you might not have done yet:

  • Guild shop
  • Merchant ship in town harbor
  • Abyss dungeons (buy the bonus loot, do Yorn and Feiton ones)
  • Hardmode story dungeons
  • Naruni event shop
  • Una daily (run like Hypnos, Alakkir, Kalhertz)
  • Una weekly (PvP x2 and Boss Rush)
  • Endless chaos dungeon shop (merchant next to chaos dungeon)
  • Azure wind island/shangra quests, not sure if you finished that one completely there’s a lot of stuff
  • Run Cube for Moon’s Breath to have better hone chance

Also alot of daily chain quest in feiton that give t2 mats

I felt like I’ve done majority of it but I will double check, seems like I might have missed a few there.
Im up to date with weekly and daily… Hence I only have Main to worry about those are quick. Cube boss rush requires ticket RNG chaos, I haven’t had much luck with those I probably done a handful of them .

My main is decked out in full abyss T2 legendary set I didn’t go back doing them again

can you elaborate ? I finished Feiton already… What did i miss ?

Running all of them (both yorn and all 3 feiton) gives like 65 leap stones and 6500 life shards and a moderate amount of destruction/guardian stones.

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Also do T2 continents dungeons in normal and hard

Maybe this is where I missed ? But damn I really don’t want to set foot in Abyss again haha, the experience was less than ideal for me in the past with Abyss Dungeons . I guess i’ll have to go back :confused:

Buy moons and books and use them on every try. It will save you money/gold

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