1080 to 1100 why no one talking about how bad this is

ohh the story ones ? like the super easy ones ? They still give mats ? I never thought of it

yep normally you do the story line with normal difficulty , hard gives leapstones and shards

are they repeatable ? I actually level up doing the hard ones it is the normal ones I didn’t do LOL

One time only

well then… =(

it is what it is I guess… Maybe I will take a break from this game until they buff honing chances or something I’ll come back maybe. haha. Just gonna play more casually now. I was already pretty casual compare to a lot of people

I have been trust me… I focus my dailies on the breaths that gives extra honing success chances… but unfortunately, the current honing chance is bad … In my opinion at least, or maybe my RNG is just less than ideal but… going back to the honing chance needs a buff thread again like we need another one of these threads on here haha

If you’re like 1080 in legendary gear from the abyss you can probably get into a group with 1300+ people running for engravings/legendary cards which usually goes quite fast.

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I was there for two weeks haha. It was pretty bad for me.

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But also buy them from the AH from the event, every roll try it to make it with the +30%

At least I did that and help me a lot, the blue gems were so hard to get that I tought I gona went insane with the fails. I burn 8k on that (books are 350g ish and moons 30g ish on my region), but the gold is easy to farm in T3, you will recover.

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Not talking about it because i want to forget it happened :sob:

hey at least you got through it…

Maybe they will listen to us and make everything right ! By the time I do hit 1340 everything will get better right ? right guys ? LOL

Don’t you already have your answer? If you don’t have the time to run 3-4 alts feeding materials that you need to advance, then you will advance slower.

Those people who have more time to play will advance (on average, luck is luck after all) faster.

Those people who don’t not have as much time to play will advance slower.

Doesn’t that make sense? or are you purposing those people who don’t play as much advance just as fast as people who played more?

slower ? I think is a subjective term as to how “Slower” is still enjoyable to go this “SLOW”…

I mean, ok . It feels like this “Slower” is a bit too slow in a way that feels penalized and no longer enjoyable.

inb4 you say, just hang up the game…

I too want to continue to enjoy the game and have hope this will soon get better, but if you don’t voice your view nothing will happen right ?

Because it’s really not that bad. If you think that’s bad, quit now. 1340 to 1370 is months of progression on it’s own and people are spending thousands of dollars to bridge the gap because Amazon gave us an old version of the game that doesn’t have the QoL improvements that Korea has.

yea I do know that. And trust me If that time comes I sure will quit the game.

I am sure people are already leaving the game now for this very same reason you and I are speaking of right now. And the discussion now is, why can’t we get the updated game KR/RU has ?

you spoke of the contents, more way to gain mats, buffed honing chances etc…

I have 2 alts feeding me materials. Which isn’t even that hard to do. Running through chaos dungeon is 20-30 minutes for each alt. In 1 hour I can finish my daily run.

This allows me to hone about 1.5x to 2x as much as if I just played a single character.

So the answer is around 1.5x to 2x as slow as someone who can farm on alts.

I was stuck at the end of tier 2 for 3 days.

#1. Use Saintone’s island guides to make sure you’ve sourced all possible free quest mats.

#2 1 time rewards from zone dungeons, abyss dungeons, and buy your weekly allotment from pirate trade ship, and chaos fragment vendors.

#3 do your dailies every day, naruni shop helps a lot.

i use moons breath. it’s my lifesaver atm.
1073 currently, my weapon is 1100 thx to moons breath

If you gonna quit from t2 enhancing, you wont survive t3

Even with buffed honing rates, you are going to be enhacning for fail stacks and that is the truth

Alts are mandatory if you care about progressing quickly