1080 to 1100 why no one talking about how bad this is

I’m still stuck at 1060 myself (+13 to +14). I just hit 4 fails on both my head piece and weapon yesterday. I also have a T2 alt feeding my main materials. It helps, but if you’ve got terrible luck like me those mats just get wasted too until you hit the pity hone.

I’ve been trying to rush to 1100 before Thursday reset because I want those epic engraving books from the event that are ilevel locked for some stupid reason, but I’ve only progressed from +12 to +13 on all my pieces since last Thursday. Including spending all my gold on honing mats too and playing every day doing everything I can to farm more honing mats.

When u get to 1100 you will be gated on your T3 set that wont drop all pieces that u need to access T3 content.

Farm breaths and actually use them… i failed… 1 14 to 15 i think.

My main is 1367, alt is 1030. I have been stuck 1030 for 10 days now, I fail so many 90% honing from +12 to +13 and it costs way more mats than in T3. I don’t know how I didn’t notice this on my main, but reaching 1100 feels like it’s as hard as reaching 1350 on my main, wow. Surely it’s due to the fact that I spend less time and ressource on my T2 alt, but still?

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1050-1100 was a nightmare on my main. I think I was stuck there for around three weeks. The amount of materials you get each day is ridiculous and is barely enough for one hone. Without the stronghold buffs the failure rates were also high and I almost quit (I wouldn’t be surprised if many people actually did at that point).

Even pushing alts past 1050-ish is a headache. I started using my 3 other T3 characters running T2 dungeons just to funnel mats to that character and even then it’s taking ages to get out of that ditch.

It is all about RNG! I am super casual and I am 1376! There is no wrong or right, you need rngjesus with you! :slight_smile:

with the 2 events we just had it’s super easy with all the books and mats you got

I’m not sure what to tell you if you think getting to T3 is bad you’re in for your own personal nightmare

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Thats nothing compared to 1340 to 1370

I was levelling my main long before that. Then, when we had the event I had 3 alts in T2 so what they were giving us was barely enough for a few hones for one of them.