10k plus wait time a day after update?

I just don’t understand the process behind this, the day the biggest update “so far” in NA comes out, everything is peachy and fine. But the second day is when all the bots start to roll in? PLEASE fix it, I’ve been in the queue for an hour now with 3k more to go


I’m experiencing a long queue as well on Azena; may we please have another large ban wave?


it’s possible that it’s at least partially real people. I mean, it’s the weekend after all. Not all of us can play on weekdays.

But also, bots probably having a feeding frenzy on the gold rewards with the express event. Just a slight delay to update scripts to exploit it.

Either way, I’ve been sitting in queue for 2 hours now and am not even halfway to the front. My gaming time is very very limited and this is going to eat up most of it. Very disappointing.

There should be waves every single week AT MINIMUM.