10k queue on Mari

Why do I have to sit in a 2 hour queue just to play the game? No other game has this problem consistently. The game is literally unplayable if I have to account for a 10k queue to do scheduled events. FIX YOUR GAME.


This is the same problem that happened in New World, after that game failed u would think they would’ve learned their lessons and done something about it?.. Its sad to see this because I do really like this game and don’t want it to end up like all the other games Amazon ruined.

This is all just getting ridiculous. I had some time to play tonight but have been sitting in a 5k queue on Akkan and can’t do anything. My server never had these issues until recently. Please make it stop so we can enjoy your game!

Same. 9235 queue at 2:14am…

Yep, it is past midnight on the west coast and still over a 10k queue on Mari. It’s making me lose all motivation to play when it feels like the bot issue is not top priority. I couldn’t care less about content right now, the bots must be properly dealt with so that the economy is fixed and so we can actually log into the game.

Dear Amazon,

Happy to verify every single night than have to sit in a 90 queue.

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