10k queue on Valtan

this is fine…

@Roxx another ip ban needed after the weekend :upside_down_face:

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One does not simply log in.


first time?

Alright I’m gonna say it. NA West. Valtan. How many west coast Americans do you think are on right now? Hm? It’s 3am, you think the server is full of us, and there’s 11k+ more wanting on? What’s the point of having designated servers anymore, everyone just joins the American ones to lag, bot, hack, and congest.

Laughs in EU Central

I was on before at t3 field boss, hardly anyone was there, but wait 3k line on shandi, of who exactly? Bots bots bots.

This game is dead to me.

Its ten minute wait per 1k…

I am surprised because if it is all gold sellers you would expect them to spread across all the servers. It feels like gold sellers knows NA West is the best market to sell gold and dont bother with any of the other regions

I guess they go where the buyers are. If players stopped buying from the bots and put the money into the developers pocket’s that’d’be great.

nope, i have founders pack. Been here since launch.

This is getting old, just like me… i don’t have many hours to play each day and simply want to play with friends and chat. However my entire guild that moved from wow to here is now dead, no one is wanting to log in as its impossible to organise a raid due to queues. The dedicated few, log in 2-3 hours before, only to get kicked out due to internet or likes and then end up in a 2 hour queue again.

I dont mind spending on games i enjoy,
Paid for founders,
Paid for aura…

Paying for a new game this weekend… over this. (-1 in queue for you guys. enjoy!)


trying to log on at 8 pm here. well jokes man, 10k queue can MAYBE get in the game at 10 and then it is almost time to sleep GG
fun game.
If it was WoW people would complain about 13 EUR, but here cannot even complain :frowning:

Queue completed - total time in queue 1h 55m.

Off to bed in 25 min… that was awesome fun!