11 hours till celebration pack expires

And yet we are a lot of people who didn’t receive it yet. We’ve been told to post our IGN, Server and Region on the topic i linked below just to get ignored. It is not fair that you give free stuff to everybody and people who didn’t receive it are ignored. The event will end and we will never get it ? At least say something! We waited a lot of time!
Im posting my info again here, don’t know if it’s useful or not but at least say something, answer to your community. The game is awesome i love it so much and i’m sad to see everyone else using amazing and faster mounts and receiving items that i don’t have.

The topic even received a part 2 because of the amount of people who have been asking for it. Please, say something.

IGN: Kurakaka
Server: Nineveh
Region: EUC

i gave up … we wont get this mount

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