12 hours in queue (EU)

I literally spent more time in que than actually playing the game. I bought the founder bronze pack so i have a 30day crystal aura, but it will be all used up by the time i can actually play the game. Not to mention even when i got in the game it was supper bugged and my crystal aura just wanished multiple times for multiple for hours without a warning or anything, and then just randomly reappeared again.

Its so ridiculous that i payed for the game and cant actually play it. At least the could put everyone at the front of the queue who bought any of the founders pack.

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I am in the same situation as you, I got the platinum but I have been in line for 3 hours, yesterday I could not play because after the line it was late. Unfortunately I don’t think they will favor the founders, by now they have taken our money. I’ll give it a few more days then I’ll quit playing if things don’t change. I have no time to lose.

You can check out the corresponding laws in your own country. Because you should be able to get your money back since you couldn’t use the subscription you payed for, since it’s not your fault that amazon didn’t fix their servers. EU law states that you should get what you payed for.

Amazon, fix your fucking shit together. EU IS LITERALLY UNPLAYEABLE. Every single server 7k+ queue right now, and it’s still lunch time. Some servers have 24k queue. What a joke.