12 hours till rest, yet no news from AGS

ZERO communication, GJ guys!


Still waiting on this so called improved communication.


Wait a few more hours for the patch notes to see if it’s coming out or not. More likely we see good 'ol chicken island for a week.

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There is zero communication because our CMs are forbidden to speak

The communication between AGS/Smilegate and the playerbase is once again substandard - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (playlostark.com)

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“Our goal is to always clearly communicate changes” i remember this haha what a joke.

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It’s AGS what did you expect them to tell the truth and keep promises lol


Rox just posted not too long ago? So she can speak and communicate. She is not forbidden to communicate… how are people coming to this conclusion lololol

If something happened on the business/development side and she can’t relay this info or has been restricted not to give updates…about a date for example?

She can still easily communicate this to the community without sabotaging the business goals/restricted info.

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Forbidden to speak about the update, which is normal to be fair. CMs aren’t part of the dev team they are merely a moderator and go between for devs and players. They may not have enough information to intelligently speak on why we don’t have news as well.

People including AGS/SG have made the mistake of elevating the CM to be the only communication of an entire company.

Also I hate this thing of CM giving valuable info on the forum, if you are not on every thread you miss out on things

during the month after admitting they’ve fallen short and will improve, they actually went even further into the other direction to be end up being WORSE than april/may lol

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Yeah I mean just look at their twitter, the last time they gave us actual news was litteraly one month ago

are you new? that’s totally normal. they always release the patchnotes very late. some hours before maintenance

Ags office is busy atm no time to communicate



CMs are preparing for their weekend off, they’re human too you know

for their weekend off? they are about to release the biggest patch to come yet with zero communication and a random post by the CM that says they have been blocked for weeks with zero context. doesnt seem like they deserve a weekend off at this point, they still have a job to do human or not.

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I was being sarcastic…because they always either silent on working days or said they can’t communicate because it’s weekend

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12 hours? More like 15!! Learn to do Mat!

Waiting for better communication be like

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Last week i thanked them to beein early, so EU can read the notes before bedtime.
Guess was a onetime thing. to bad.

Nvm its again “early”. Even its bad news.

If customers call my company because module x or z of our software is not working (properly or at all) I am NOT ALLOWED to tell them that the dev’s suck, it WIP or that it won#t be repaired EVER because the dev’s said: “fuck it”. Not allowed means blocked. not allowed means even tho I am talking to the customer I can’t say shit. What’s so difficult to grasp there?