1200+ hrs, Seattle-based, banned because we "don't offer service to this area"

I live in Seattle. I just tried to login and was hit with a “we don’t provide service to your area” and a link to appeal a ban.

I never used a VPN until about a month ago, after one of these disastrous updates and my game literally would not connect to the server. Errors all over the place. Chat was no help, and wanted me to make sure I wasn’t using a VPN. I wasn’t, I triple-checked my IP and made sure everything was kosher.

Hmm, I thought… what if I turned on Speedify. BINGO - I could actually play the game.

Until this morning, when I restarted my computer and forgot to turn on Speedify again. I was smacked with a ban.

So I was forced to use a VPN to play the game from the literal home city of Amazon, and now I’m banned for that? And I have to send in a ticket on a Saturday morning and hope AGS gets back to me sometime before Valtan releases.

This is absurd.

Welcome to the shitshow

Hey @subsetgetsit,

Sorry to hear this, we’re in the same boat :frowning:

Are you seeing ths exact screen?

Yup that’s it :frowning: couldn’t be worse timing, trying to grind from 1435-45 before Valtan. Still no response from AGS

Just tried logging in and I got in! Still no response from AGS but I got in… phew.

You probably got dynamic ip, they just banned some ip rages they consider to be vpn. Who would expect that from amazon?

Hello @subsetgetsit welcome to the forums!

I am sorry to hear about the issues to connect to the game servers, we are already investigating on this issue, in regards of the ban you will only be able to appeal it trough here as we are not able to discuss ban/ ban appeals trough the forum.

Hope you have a great rest of the day.