1,26 Gb update - What are we installing?..:)

It seems a pretty big update, are we transfering everything from the next 19th MAY patch?

Bitcoin miner


Summoner and her pets.

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“Hotfix BTW”

It seems really HOT…:slight_smile:

Una gold removal

boobs slider :slightly_smiling_face:


Possibly a map fix? Usually those require the entire zip like file to be download

The clock for EU

It’s a keylogger, I have all your infos now MUAHAHAHA

Using my PHD in logic…Probably stuff.

Probably a virus

valtans thicc ass.

My honest answer: titties and balls!

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Honing inhibitors to make sure you don’t get any successes today

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some infrastructure hotfix, so I guess few routers and maybe an OS update.

Sounds like something Amazon would do tbh :v

Patches are given to Amazon by Smilegate.

probably some more bots

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prepatch maybe. so come 19th u dont need to update 10gbs