1.3 Million silver has disappeared twice

I was playing my pally and i had 4.198 mil when i logged over to my sorc. I did two rolls to get my sorc from tier one to tier two. Started the Yorn quest line then noticed my silver was only 2.9 mil now. I have actually had this happen once before and lost the same amount of silver. I just grinned and bared it because i know nothing will ever get done about it and most people will simply not believe me at all. After happening twice i thought i would see if this has happened to anyone else.

Need more information than this.

What tier is your pally? Have you done any honing on him? By “two rolls”, you mean you upgraded equips twice and got to T2 on your Sorceress?

AFAIK, silver doesn’t randomly disappears, it’s just the person spending it without noticing.

I didn’t do rolls on my pally they we’re on my sorc which i mentioned is in tier one and then went to tier two after two rolls. 14 to 15 on my weapon and my head piece to be exact. The only other silver i spent was using my bifrost(1k) to go to rothun then i went to Yorn started quest line and bought a bottle of rum from wandering merchant(8k) now i have 2.9 mil. And it did disappear twice and not randomly since it was same amount in similar situation.

… You do know that the bottle of rum from the Yorn wandering merchant costs 1.4m silver, right?

Laithir sells Back Alley Rum, and it costs 1.400.000 silver.

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That’s the answer here.
and btw you can refill this rum, no need to buy it on a second char.

You bought a 1.4m silver item and paid 1.4m silver.

Awesome ty. It must have been the card or some other thing i looked at that cost the 8k. I wonder if i did the same thing last time. I bet i did .