1302 Gear from Chaos W H Y?

I am so fking tired of this game i just dont get it why WHY is everything luck based in this game CAN I NOT EVEN GET MY T3 Set without getting f*** by luck i spend alot of gold yesterday so i can get 1100 to do chaos today and get 1302 and do the first guardin raid with friends BUT NO U CAN HAVE 20 leg peaces but a shoulder peace nah thats not in it for u today so my whole sunday is ruined i can watch my friends have fun while litrally not beeing able to play for today its like this game does not want to be played like why the hell do i not get a full set at the end of the story it makes no no no no NO sense that i have to waste aura just to get a basic 1302 set and then u know DONT EVEN GET THE FULL SET SO I CANT DO ANYTHING THIS WHOLE SUNDAY like what does this game want from me i cant even pay to get the set like what what WHAT do u want from me so i can play at days i plan to play with friends

Sry for any grammer errores and stuff i dont speak nativ english and i am so angry cause i dont get it i cant even buy upgrade matrials cause they want u to be 1302 so i cant even push the other stuff up to maybe get to 1302

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