1340 - 1370 is known as the dead zone in KR/RU

A lot of people quit from 1340-1370 Because it was very hard to get up to 1370 most people take “buses” clear groups to clear it all in 1 run from people they pay for it there is no content from 1340-1370 and its even worse in NA because were missing multiple sources of honing materials like Guardian Challenges , Abyss Trials and PVP vendor, why AGS and SMG did this beyond me KR players are actually dumb founded about this they are making the same mistakes they did originally in KR and RU. This Korean player explains it very well on reddit whats going on in NA with ARGOS

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exactly. players who experienced RU and KR already know that, but internet warriors here defending amazon until the end. i dont know why.


I honestly find it hard to believe that Amazon, a Company which wants to maximize growth and build up a gaming business, chooses short term profits (be it a few 10-100 millions, nothing for Amazon) over long term customer satisfaction and retention.

I wonder how much of the data in the thread discussed was presented to AGS analysts.

I’m not saying you are wrong, nor am I defending anybody. Tho the AGS bashing is childish.

I really don’t understand this situation. This will leave thousands really salty against Amazon.

How much was Smilegate leading this milking of the western audience?

It doesn’t really matter, Smilegate has never communicated with the western playerbase. I hope AGS will take notice of this situation and change it for the better. Game is still dope.

NO AGS just has a bunch of really dumb people working there that cant learn from there mistakes of 3 failed games

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