1340+ item level for t1 / t2 abyss dungeons at partyfinder?! - why are people arrogant?

why do you need 4x 1300-1400+ item level players for noob content? a single 1300+ player could carry 3 other newbies. but no, people are selfish, rushing and then complain about no content or no supports

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I’m guessing they just want to blow through it with as little as effort as possible to try for legendary cards. Not actually doing the content for anything other than that.


And since game doesn’t allow for solo’ing what can you do?


when people ask for that high ilvl they want to have the same party through every dungeon from t1 to t3

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New players are new and new can’t do mechanics but new can wipe with other new till they learn them and are not new anymore

these are for card runs. :slightly_smiling_face:


This. Its to make sure the same group for all of the abyss dungeons are runable by the same group.

As others have said, just card runs. Although I normally matchmake them anyway because it’s usually faster and just party find the water dungeons.

Wouldn’t carrying 3 newbies be selfish in a sense? Them not learning or not attempting to do 'em is pretty selfish to me. If they are alts and they understand mechanics then that’s a different story, which at that point, is not a big deal if they joined.

if you want help in your alts, just use matchmaking on wednesday, you will usually get at least one T3

Idk just don’t join that group? Why are you worried about what some people are choosing to look for. Maybe someone wants to do an a 1490 all bard phantom palace run. Who cares? It’s 99% T3 players doing matchmaking anyway so if you just do that you will probably be carried.

Idk why you’re malding. Just matchmake and you’ll most likely find a t3 player or 3.

People do weird shit… what are you gonna do…

If you’re on EUW and need a carry through early abyssals I don’t mind helping out if we can sync our schedules.


ehm no. otherwise i wouldnt care about partyfinder. only reason i use partyfinder is for player with higher item level. because if i do matchmaking, yes sometimes you have luck and there are 1-2 people with high items. but sometimes you are really unlucky and just get low players and sometimes youre the highest one. and i use partyfinder because i have more the feeling, that people from there know the dungeons mechanics

Mainly mech skip for damage killing atuff before anything starts. Those are usually card runs.

Much more annoying are guardians at x tier and groups requiring x tier + 150 gearscore like they fear correct ilvl is nt enough to beat it. It s hilarious when you see groups of 1400 for fox :rofl:

1400-1414 doing fox isn’t anything out of the ordaniary. The loot difference between velganos and Yoho is extremely minor (1 leapstone) yet velganos isn’t easily pugged, not an easy fight. Now 1415’s doing yoho is something else since Deka is so simple.

You re not getting what me or op meant. Yoho can be done at any level past 137 yet people asjs for 1400+ runs. Like they think under that gear score people will die.

I ve seen groups waiting so long for 1400s that meantime i had eone my x2 runs on matchmaking with alts and they still were there waiting. Surely then its not to speed up content lol