1355 to 1370 weapon 3 pitys

Tragic game design. A game that punishes you continuesly for making alts by this stupid enhancing system I actually now give up making alts or pushing them. Hands down the worst design in a game that’s meant to be a MMO, yet your limited to the smallest amount of currency and materials per day to farm rather than being able to do any content you enjoy most over and over aging farming materials an currency like every MMO does… The fact this weapon on most occasions had full juice and still gone pity every go just takes the piss… but this is not what lost ark cares for so it will be flagged and removed cus truth and negative stuff that’s honest and fact isnt allowed to be seen… garbage design overall valtan better be worth the wait or its unistall time the pain a gettin a 1445 character in this poorly set up design was not enjoyable at all… where’s the variety to do what you want to make ya game fun and earn stuff to progress


Why do you start This topic?? Just to cry??Rly this is not a feedback.Just crying about your bad luck.Hey all look at my bad luck i did ….Bla bla bla who cares???

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That’s normal hah

“I was unlucky, so lets blame it on someone!”
My dude MMOs are about spending time, failing and success. Good MMOs you need to fail, because then you need more time, hence the game exists for years, not months.

I understand Black Desert online is worst


Wait to pity from +17 to +19, then I’ll tell you good job.


Think of it this way, it’s basically just leveling up in another game. You get experience or artisan energy in this case and once you reach 100% artisan energy, you can level up or in this case get +1.

For example using MapleStory as a reference and Lost Ark as a comparison

MS: You have a exp bar and you grind monsters to level up.
LA: You have a artisan bar and you grind materials to +1

MS: You run into an rare elite monster or rare boss or rare etc that gives a lot of exp that might instantly level you up.
LA: You do honing attempts and you might a rare success and instantly get +1

MS: You normally grind for hours for exp to level up
LA: You normally grind for mats for days across alts for artisan energy to +1

If you look at it from this perspective, then it won’t feel as bad.

if i didn’t one tap my weapon from 1340-1385 i would be as mad as you but i got lucky af.
now i’ll just wait till they release a GLH event to catchup for valtan.

My +18 → +19 weapon took me like 5 tries, not relelvant, just wanted to add salt to your whining.


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? +9 pity on an armour piece? Please.

Your feelings are invalid, but to delude yourself saying “truth and negative stuff thats honest” is so absurd. 1) its not fact, because there are players that like the system 2) just because you don’t like a system /= bad game design.
Im sorry you had that experience, but it just shows you’ve never played an eastern mmo. I hope if valtan doesn’t satisfy you, then I hope you find a game that satisfies what YOU want in gear progression.

Another mouth breathing honing topic smh

its called luck for a reason

Changing your perspective doesn’t change reality. Artisan energy isn’t an experience bar with a totally bonus chance to get lucky; it’s the smallest possible concession to put a cap on how unlucky you can possibly be, but every time you pity an item that represents you getting incredibly unlucky with those honing attempts.

Calling a predatory gambling system just a different type of experience bar is incredibly disingenuous.

I agree that the current honing system is reality, but if say they simply did away with the honing system and made it so you would have to grind the maximum amount of materials to level a piece of equipment up, would you be fine with that? Perhaps you and other players might be due to past experience from other games that had a deterministic goal of reaching 100% exp bar = a level up. However, consider this

For example,

Honing system: You can 1 tap an item for 100 gold 10 Honor Stones 100 Weapon/Armor Stones all the way to you can pity an item for 1000 gold 100 honor stones 1000 Weapon/Armor stones
No Honing System: You 1 tap an item by straight up gather 1000 gold 100 honor stones 1000 Weapon/Armor stones.

To me, the honing system/artisan energy saves more time than no honing system.

The system doesn’t force players to purchase more materials to hone again and again. The player themselves make the decision to do so. Does the system have a hand in influencing the players to make such a decision? Sure, it plays a part, but there is a personal mentality aspect to it, too whether its FOMO or wanting BIS immediately and etc.

Imagine the pain if the gear could break lol. Its a grind, its not a hard one either.

Its frustrating sure. But everyone can get there, just takes time. Just need to learn what patience is. Not everything is gonna be now. Sometimes it takes awhile to get there. Youll get there eventually.

I don;t have to imagine, i played for long time a game where your weapons enhancement could drop up to -5 if you fail and you also had to use a special stone to prevent it from breaking AND it also had a really high chance to LOCK ,so you could not enhance it anymore unless you used a special item to UNLOCK it AND if you wanted no drop or break, you had to buy a very special and not cheap at all stone for that. :sweat_smile: .

So for me,Lost Arks honing system is fine.
People that complain about Lost Arks honing system don;t know that it could have been far worse :laughing:

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Complaining about a core feature isn’t gonna change anything. Honing will never be removed from the game.

This is disingenuous and just shows you haven’t read the thread at all. No one is asking for the pity cost to become the fixed cost. The actual comparison would be between the current system and a system where there is a fixed cost which is calculated as the average cost of honing a given item from a given item level to another given item level. In this scenario there is literally no difference, on average, but most of the predatory nature of the honing system is removed and there is no variance, which means most of the negativity of the system is removed.