1370- 1415 Lies. Why?

First off, I’d like to say I’m happy that you guys decided to add the 1460 stronghold research. However, I know for a fact that many players chose to push their alts with 1500-2000 Great honor leapstones after @Roxx confirmed it would not be included in the patch AGS: Would You Kindly Confirm 1370-1415 Stronghold Research - #22 by Roxx. Why not say we will discuss this further it’s not confirmed or denied at this point something along those lines. In my opinion, you screwed many people over, but I’m glad others will have an easier time.


I am glad I was a bit lazy to hone my alt last week.


Jbaited. That is why i waited for the offical patch notes to hone. I hope it didnt hurt to bad to hone up.

This was not a lie. At the point in time when that post was made, all information was accurate, and it was not still being discussed. We were told it would not be included in June Update but the timeline was being discussed for a later addition with different content. Because of the player feedback around this decision and players asking for it to come with Vykas, we were able to push back and change it.


fact is:
Many people got screwed over, because they pushed their alts with expensive hones, while expecting it to come in july or later


But you knew that we wanted it. Before making that post, do you see how many people were asking? After the feedback, why not post a follow-up and say you’ll try to get it in?

It’s their fault for not waiting for official Vykas patch notes though. Things can change at any point so you wait for patch notes and for update to come out before you do anything.


hard to make low iq dummies happy huh. How about you guys be happy that it is coming this patch instead of next one yeah?



Exactly, and they couldn’t even say that it was being aimed to July. No wonder people started pushing alts. It’s just such an extreme incompetence and one more instance of leaving players in the mud because of lack of communication.


It’s still your fault tbh there is a reason why my alts are at 1340 still

still only helping whales or 24/7 gamer andys where the honing buffs


We always take and deliver player feedback on any and every topic, but this alone does not guarantee that a change will be made. When this was ongoing, I did not have an indicator to share that the outcome may change.


Because you upgraded them without waiting for the honing buffs? lol my alts are at 1340 cuz im waiting for the buffs

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Beruhig dich oder mach den Job besser.

Du kannst nur das weiter geben was zu dem Zeitpunkt weiter gegeben werden konnte

Wie auch schon zuvor geschrieben hätte mann auf die Offiziellen Patchnotes für das große Juni Update warten sollen

And this is what a lot of people don’t get, they think listen to the feedback means they will implement the changes the players ask for.

Okay. And how are those patch notes?

bis 1370 hättest du schon MIT Buff uppen können

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I call this politely bs.

Dude I just had an guild complain about ppl still not being able to do Argos and stuff.
Its good & helps casuals cause we get more 1415 alts and ppl who slacked or got behind cause no time or bad luck or w/e get raids with some experienced player alts.

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